Just a little Mother’s Day hello…

Jeans: Zara. boots and jacket: Whistles, Roll neck jumper: Boden. Coat: M&S, Bag: Kate Spade

I hope that you have all had a lovely Mother’s Day and that you have been very spoiled. 

It’s been fun here. It started with a very long run through some interesting areas of Birmingham. The “arse end” I think were the words that I used. “Victorian” was the description given by my slightly more refined friend but in any event it involved lots of canals, tunnels and industrial buildings. Naturally the day included a little bit of shopping, albeit of the online variety. 

When it came to the purchases, I was quite liberal with my finger on the button but I had the wise words of a friend ringing in my ears. “It’s only like going to the changing room really isn’t it?” Oh indeed it is. And if you’re going to end up going to the sorting office to pick up a parcel, it may as be a big one.  

As to the outfit, a friend of mine always sizes up in a coat and it’s a wise move to make as it allows for an extra jacket to be worn underneath, which on occasions can be handy. 

I wasn’t sure whether I would wear my ripped jeans much but so far I think they’ve justified their expenditure and in fact they were nearly pilfered by our eldest for a party next week. I have to keep a close eye on things in this house, I can tell you. 

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