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“Everything that I wish that I had known about Instagram all in one place.”

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and emotional when it comes to Instagram? Do you want to learn how to find you Insta-Peace whilst increasing your followers, your engagement and whilst finding your community? Perhaps you are new to Instagram and are looking to sell your products, or make new friends. 

Oh you are so in the right spot – just watch the video below for all that you need to know about Instagram with Intention!


I don’t suppose that many people want to admit to having been on Instagram forever do they? We are all after quick wins these days and who wants to own up to looking like a failure?

Well, I’ll admit to having been on Instagram FOREVER and I used to be in your shoes. I felt frustrated by Instagram but really, more with myself. I didn’t really know what pictures to post, or what to say in my captions, or to others.   Nothing that I seemed to do with my Instagram account made any difference.  I just could not work out why my account wasn’t growing. Why did others appear to find it so easy, whilst I found it so hard?

Part of the problem was that I didn’t really understand the unwritten rules of the Instagram game. That, combined with being over 35, not particularly familiar with social media (there was not much need for it in my life as a lawyer) and slightly introverted in some respects, contributed to my slow growth. 

The more frustrated I felt, the more I withdrew from Instagram.

Then came the overwhelm. I was totally overwhelmed by what steps I could take to try and improve the situation. Should I look to improve my images, my bio, my captions, my engagement or my stories? And this in turn led to me feeling emotional. I felt isolated, disappointed and annoyed with myself.

But then I had a turning point and things changed. I developed a system, one that actually worked, in order to turn my Instagram account into the successful account that it is today. I was on Instagram for several years before reaching my first 10,000 followers (I still remember the struggle to get there very well!) but in less than a year, I had doubled my Instagram following from 10,000 to 20,000 followers. I found my community, brands reached out to work with me but more importantly than any of those, I made peace with Instagram.

I’ve condensed what it took me years to learn, into a matter of a few hours!

And now (for a limited time ONLY ) I’m sharing with you the mind-shift techniques, and the strategies that I used, so that you don’t have to slog away in your own frustrated, isolated, bubble for as long as I did, before seeing the growth that you desire.

Whether you have 100 followers, 500 followers, or 1500 followers, this course is for you because the things that I have learnt as a result of my many years on Instagram can be used HOWEVER many followers you have and whatever niche you are in.  And if you’re over 35, there’s plenty of content specifically aimed at you, which is designed to make your Instagram journey less overwhelming. Equally, the course is absolutely suitable for anyone under that age group, if it feels like a good fit for you.

In my step by step e-course, Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s), I am sharing with you the strategies that I have used to grow my Instagram account and specifically, the strategies that I used (and which worked) to double my following from 10,000 to 20,000 followers, in under ONE year.

In addition, I want to share with you the steps that you need to take create emotional distance from Instagram, as this is what will truly enable your account to flourish.

Imagine spending on time on Instagram in a way which didn’t cause you frustration and which didn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed and emotional;

Imagine heading over to Instagram, knowing in advance what your purpose was for being on there, and knowing what you wanted to get out of your time on the App, rather than just spending hours randomly scrolling and achieving very little by the end of it.;

Imagine making lasting friendships, generating new leads for your business, creating more sales or receiving emails from brands wanting to work with you. The possibilities and opportunities are endless!

Imagine if you could grow your following and turn your audience into a truly engaged community that cared about the content that you create. And yes, despite there being over 1 billion users on Instagram, there is still room for you!

This e-course shares my very best strategies, so that the frustration, overwhelm and emotion that you feel when using Instagram diminish, enabling you to engage, grow, create a great feed and enjoy your time on the ‘gram!

So, what will you learn in Instagram with Intention?


Module 1 – A new approach to Instagram

  • Why do we need to create emotional distance from Instagram?
  • How to create emotional distance from Instagram and the benefits of doing so
  • How to create intentional physical distance between you and the ‘gram

Module 2 – Authenticity

  • Authenticity: What does being authentic mean and why does it matter?
  • How to be Authentic and why it’s easier for the over 35s
  • Negotiating your way through criticism, negative comparisons and unwanted male attention

Module 3 – Photography

  • Photography: Why good photography is important
  • How to take good photographs
  • Your topics and your grid

Module 4 – Strategy

  • Strategy: Your bio
  • The pros and cons of a business account and how to interpret the insights
  • How to be “social” on Instagram
  • Writing captions and serving your audience

We know that Instagram can be frustrating. We know that it can cause anxiety and overwhelm and we know that we can all struggle with not only the tech side of things but with engagement too.

By the end of the course, we will have identified your Instagram “why”.  You will have the tools to engage with Instagram without frustration and with confidence. You will know how to create a great bio and you will be equipped with ideas for great photographs, as well as knowing how to edit them. You will also know how to be “authentically” you, how to engage with others and how to use the additional functionality of the App. 



Registering with Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s) will not only give you access to all four modules with recorded lessons, as well as written pdfs and supporting worksheets, but you will also get bonus content including…

  • Tech tips: How to do Instagram Stories

Have you looked at other people’s stories and wondered to yourself “How do they do that?” Well here are the answers! I’ve created this downloadable step by step guide which you can print off and read at your leisure. And don’t worry, one of the first things that I teach is how to delete something which you may post in error so there’s no need to worry about hitting the wrong button before you mean to.

  • Tech tips: How to create Instagram Highlights

Mastering the basics of Instagram can be hard but when it comes to highlights? Well to me it looked as if they were something that were waaaaay beyond me. But like most things, they are honestly not hard to create. In this step by step guide, I walk you through how to identify your highlight categories, how to create your highlight graphics and how to post your stories to your Instagram highlights.

  • Essential Apps for Instagram

Do you want to know how to schedule your posts, or how to plan your grid, or which filters to use on your photographs? I have created a simple guide to some of the best loved apps for Instagram.

  • Quick-fire ways to grow your Instagram following and up your engagement

If you’re in that space where nothing seems to be working as you had hoped, use this quick-fire checklist to see results.

  • Insider tips from Influencers and Industry Leaders

I am so excited to bring you this new and exciting bonus of insider tips from some of the leading Influencers in the country. I have spoken to Influencers across niches from fashion, to footwear, jewellery, print design and retail.  I believe this to be the most comprehensive guide of insider tips from Influencers anywhere in the UK.

What people are saying about “Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s)”

“Beth’s course came just at the right time. I was trying to make Instagram work for my new business idea but really I had no idea what I was doing. I found it really easy to do as well as it being enjoyable. I learnt so much from taking photos to connecting with others and engaging. My followers have almost doubled and  I have made friends as well. Total bonus! ” Charlie

” I found Beth’s course super easy to follow and enjoyed the short segments which I listened to with a cuppa and pen and paper to hand.  The course segments were super helpful, informative and friendly, and the add on Facebook group which Beth started connected me to other students and allowed us to all chat to Beth when we had extra questions.  We all are still in touch through Instagram and it is great to see their journeys develop and to support each other along the way.  Beth’s course is so refreshing, listening to her friendly voice explain all the ins and out and give helpful tips and advice on how to get the best from Instagram was very calming and inspired me to just start posting.  I have already gained over 2000 followers and put my success down to the confidence Beth’s course has given me.” Angela

“I am a GP and I bought the course to help me understand how Instagram can work for me as I take a career diversion. The course is logical, simple to navigate and is written from first hand experience, making it less of a textbook and more of a personal tutorial. The modules are available either audio or online format but with the added bonus of being able to print out the text as a reference source. ld give this course five stars.” Sarah

“I’d love to congratulate you on your fabulous course. I just wish that I knew what I know now, a couple of years ago. Your course is easily followed and particularly good in that it can be done at your own pace and with as many breaks as is required which is good when  are trying to spin so many plates. One part of the course that I hadn’t even expected was being able to make new connections through your Facebook group. Thank you so much for all your ideas and your continued support.”  Jilly

“Thank you for your course. It was very, very, good and certainly got me inst a great insta mode. I met some gorgeous people and just to say again it was an excellent course. ” Aoife

A little bit about me…

First and foremost, I am a Mum of 3 and a wife of 1. I consider our three children – Flo (22) Freddie (19) and Matilda (13) to be my greatest achievement – along with my medal for completing the London Marathon! I live in Birmingham along with my aforementioned children, my husband, a bad-tempered tortoise called Elvis, one crazy hamster, one lazy hamster and a killer fish (but that’s another story).

In addition to my work – which seems to infiltrate most areas of my life – (that’s something that I really need to work on) I love to bake cakes, hang out with my gang and run, or work out. That’s pretty much me really. I’m not a huge party animal and I’m happiest at home, or out with my close friends and family. I love our family visits to Guernsey, Wales or Cornwall, where long beach walks are a must – often accompanied by chocolate caramel shortbread. Oh, I do love a good celeb spot too and yes, I am VERY uncool around celebs.

Work wise I’m not quite sure how best to describe myself – I’m a little bit of lots of things really! I’m an established fashion blogger with my blog, Style Guile, being short listed for the Marie Claire fashion blog of the year award. I’m both a personal and a fashion stylist, a TV presenter, an Influencer and a Brand Ambassador.

I am now also the founder of Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s), a course which is designed to help not only with the strategic side of building an engaged Instagram following but also with the emotional response that we have to it.  

Now let’s just be clear about this, I have been on Instagram FOREVER – and for several years of that, I didn’t even really realise why! What I did realise, however, was that my response to Instagram was not particularly constructive. So, I experimented with a series of strategies. These saw me growing my account to 10,000 followers (albeit not particularly quickly) and further strategies saw me doubling my Instagram following from 10,000 to 20,000 followers in under a year. More importantly, I now engage with Instagram in a constructive, and positive, way.

I have created this course in response to the many people who reached out to me for help but to whom I was unable to respond to on a one-to-one basis. To those people I apologise wholeheartedly, and I want you to know that “Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s)” was written for you.

It was those same people who also made me realise that I could condense everything that I had learnt on my (long, slow and painful) journey so that I could help the rest of you on your journey too. I hope that it helps you to reach your desired destination quicker than you might otherwise have.

30 day money back guarantee

Not sure if Instagram with Intention is for you? Well I’m giving you a full month to try my strategies. If you reach out to me within 30 days to let me know that you’re not seeing the results that I promised, I will happily give you a full refund.

I’m offering this money back guarantee because I believe so strongly in the contents of Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s) and I want you to see how game-changing this course can be, risk free.

If you do end up wanting a refund, you will need to demonstrate to me that you did the work by completing the worksheets and implementing my suggestions. So long as you have done the work you will be able to request a refund. Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s) doesn’t work unless you do!

What is the cost of the course? 

For a limited time only, the cost of the course is £27. Payment can be made via a one off payment on a debit or credit card.  

I am also offering a payment plan of two payments of £14 each, which are a month apart. 

Just hit any one of the pink buttons to take you to the sales page, where you can pay simply and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to access this course?

If you sign up for Instagram with Intention you will have lifetime access to the course materials, which will be updated with any new strategies and course materials.

What format is the course content delivered in?

Great question! The lessons are shared as audio content, along with  slides. The text for each lesson can also be printed. So it’s your choice as to whether you read, or listen, to the lessons. There are also supporting materials for some lessons. 

Should I work through the course in order?

I strongly suggest working through modules 1 and 2 of the course first but after that, it’s up to you. The reason for this is because these two modules deal with your emotional response to Instagram and I feel that once you’ve conquered this, that’s when your true magic will shine!

How long will it take me to complete the course?

It’s up to you how quickly you work through the course but personally, I think that a lesson each day or so is a good way to start. Take time to complete the relevant pdfs and try to think about, and implement, the take aways from each lesson. I often find that a second, or even a third, listening really helps and if you feel happier printing off the pdf download, do it that way and read the lesson at your leisure, annotating it if you wish.

When can I expect to see results?

You should start to feel a shift in how you respond towards Instagram, almost immediately. This in itself is one of the biggest results that you can ever hope to see when it comes to Instagram. When you work through the subsequent modules, when you start to improve your photography and when you employ the strategies that I’ve outlined for increasing your engagement, that’s when you can expect to see the greatest improvement in not only your account aesthetics but also in your engagement.

A word of advice!

I’ve taken online courses myself and I know that it can be easy to lose momentum and even harder to pick yourself up and get back to it. Try to set time aside to work through the course and to employ the strategies that I teach. It’s only when we get to the end that we can truly look back and see everything coming together so before you start, I’d like you to make a promise to yourself that you’re going to finish!

And finally….

Thank you so much for investing in this course. I hope that it brings you the results that you desire (and more) and that you love working through it as much as I have loved writing it.

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