The five “go with everything” pieces for spring/summer that will last year after year…

There are a few things that come around each spring/summer that will go with pretty much everything and will come to your rescue on many occasions. Whilst that’s also true of plain white T’s and such like, I couldn’t face a wardrobe full of them, so I wanted to bring you things that you would look at and really like – not only because they do a great job but because they are also lovely in their own right.

None of this is revolutionary and I’m slightly concerned that  it will come across as patronising but for those not in a position to start from scratch every season, these should last for years.  And going back to basics is never a bad thing. Sometimes it’s about shopping smarter not harder and having a good plan of attack, rather than a random scatter gun approach. The pieces that I have suggested may need to be tweaked to suit your own shape but hopefully they should act as a guide….

1. The go with everything necklace…

This one is from Jigsaw and costs £49. I realise that’s on the pricey side for an everyday necklace but with its neutral colour this one works with so many things and it will still look good in ten years time. It has a lovely sparkle about it which is just enough but not too much for those who don’t like full on bling.

2. The go with everything top…

Remember I said this post wasn’t revolutionary? Well this is one such top that is anything but revolutionary but it has stood the test of time and can be worn with anything from jeans to silky track pants and heels, to a printed skirt or with cut offs on the beach. It’s one of those pieces that straddles the generations, social events and budget without blinking an eye. Over the years my favourite ones have come from H&M (£12.99 – top) and Jigsaw (£39 – bottom).

3. The other go with everything top…

Tops can be tricky little fellas. They may be OK for work but not for home, and vice versa, for wearing in the evening but not the day time and some are hugely expensive. So a lace top like this one from Warehouse (£36) (or something similar as the one I was after initially has sold out) transcends all of those beautifully. If you can think of something working with both cut-offs and also at a wedding, then you know that you’re on to a winner.

4. The go with everything shoe…

A tan shoe is another great summer “go with everything” piece whether it’s worn with rolled up boyfriend jeans or a pretty dress. With all things 70s being so huge, they’re having even more of a moment than usual. I like tan because it works so well with lots of base colours and it’s less harsh than black but a white shoe can work really well too.

I like these from Clarks (£65) which are very Hobbs NW3 looking in their appearance. Some prefer more of a covered sandal for work and these offer that. They are also heading slightly towards a peep toe boot style which we’ve seen more of over the past couple of summer seasons, so whilst it’s a slightly different look to get one’s head around, I think that this style will be here to stay.

For a white option, the Nancy sandal from Topshop (£45) are pretty good.  They also come in black – for those who can’t be persuaded by tan or white.  

5. The go with everything jersey blazer

For my final item it was a bit tricky to know whether to go with a pair of trousers, a skirt, a dress or a blazer but in the end I’ve gone with a jersey blazer because it’s good for in or out of work and it can do such a great job of lifting outfits, making them look that one notch smarter than what may lie beneath! Add in a printed scarf and some sunglasses and all will be well with the world.

I like this Whistles one (£95) but GAP and Next usually have some good jersey options too, which aren’t too expensive. The Whistles 25% discount (WH25SS15) is still valid.

And I wanted to include this just because I love it. I saw it in Cos (£135) earlier in the week and loved it because of it’s stripes and also because it has a pink stripe down the back which is so pretty. I thought that  I might be able to sneak it in as my “go with everything” coat but I know that some would baulk at a striped coat, so I’ll leave it on the sidelines for now!

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  1. Anonymous
    March 13, 2015 / 5:27 pm

    That coat is fantastic! mel x

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