Beth Goodrham

Hi, I’m Beth and I’m so happy that you’ve popped over to this page!

So what am I about and what do I get up to?

Well most importantly I am a Mum of 3 and a wife of 1. I consider our three children – Flo (20) Freddie (17) and Matilda (11) to be my greatest achievement (I have to say that in case the kids read this!)– along with my medal for completing the London Marathon. I live in Birmingham along with my aforementioned children, my husband, a bad-tempered tortoise called Elvis (obviously my husband is NEVER bad tempered) one crazy hamster, one lazy hamster and a killer fish (but that’s another story).

I spent the first fifteen years of my career as a lawyer, training initially in London and then working variously in City Centre Law Firms, investigating complaints against solicitors and finally reviewing suspected miscarriages of justice.

In 2009, when Matilda was 18 months old, I re-trained as Stylist. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my job – rather that it was time to pursue a different passion and also to run my own business. I was approaching a “significant” birthday and it was a now or never moment. Me being me, I took the plunge!

Styling has led to other amazing opportunities so that work wise, I’m not quite sure how best to describe myself. I think that the official term is “multi-passionate” which really means that I am a little bit of lots of things! As well as editing Style Guile, I’m both a personal and a fashion stylist, a TV presenter, an Influencer (which just means that I’m lucky enough to work on collaborations with some fabulous brands on a paid and gifted basis) and a Brand Ambassador. If I’m not on here, you can largely find me on Instagram at bethgoodrham_stylist 

I am now also the founder of “Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s)” an e- course which is designed to help not only with the strategic side of building an engaged Instagram following but also with the emotional response that we have to it.  I created it in response to my own Instagram journey, which wasn’t always easy and it comprises four modules (and several lessons within each module) which relate to the biggest pain points on Instagram: Our emotional response to Instagram, How to be Authentic; Photography and Strategy. The course is also supported by a facebook group for ongoing help. Although the doors to the course are currently closed, they will be opening again at the beginning of June, so do keep your eyes open for updates. 

In addition to my work – which seems to infiltrate most areas of my life – (that’s something that I really need to work on) I love to hang out with my gang. I also love to run (I use the word “love” in the loosest possible way!) and I’m a fan of keeping healthy (ish) – whether that’s by trying out different forms of exercise, eating well or getting plenty of sleep – I’m rubbish without sleep! But alongside that I love a good flavoured gin or a glass of fizz and nothing beats a piece of fresh, homemade, cake or brownie. I think that it’s all about balance. Oh and if I’m in the house at lunchtime, Home & Away and Neighbours are a must! 

I’m not a huge party animal and I’m happiest at home, or out with my close friends and family. I love our family visits to Guernsey, Wales or Cornwall, where long beach walks are a must – often accompanied by chocolate caramel shortbread. Oh, I do love a good celeb spot too and yes, I am VERY uncool around celebs.

As I get older, I hope that I get a little wiser and I hope that I can share that with others, either by dropping them a DM on Instagram, whizzing over an email or leaving them a comment. It’s true that people never forget how you make them feel.  “Work hard, play hard and be kind” is my motto.

I hope that you’d like to hang out with me here and don’t forget to drop me an email or a DM anytime. You can generally find me on an Insta live at 8pm on a Tuesday night and you can mail me at and you can find me on Instagram here

Beth x