Stripe & Stare: A Tale Of Two (or more) Knickers!

Stripe & Stare – My Favourite Underwear Brand

Hello! How are you? 😊

You may have heard me talk about my love for all things Stripe & Stare. But in case you haven’t, Stripe & Stare make the most fabulously soft, sustainable, underwear. If you want to see what I’m talking about, you can take a look HERE

From their knickers (which don’t go up your bum) to their PJs (soft and no sweating here!) to their vests (cosy and toasty) and their…wait for it….bodies (no 1990’s tricky press stud issues) Stripe & Stare have well and truly cornered the market. Which is brilliant to see because Stripe & Stare is run by two women. 

Katie Lopes is the co-founder of Stripe & Stare and I was recently lucky enough to have a chat with her, which you can hear on my podcast, “A Friend In Your Ear” HERE

Way back in 2003, Katie and her sister set up a retail business selling international fashion from New York and Australia. They counted Kate Middleton and Sienna Miller amongst their clientele.  But there was one product that caught Katies’ eye: a thong imported from the USA. It was that which customers came back for, time and time again. 

The rest, you might say, is history. Except it isn’t. 

Developing a comfortable knicker which women could wear every day became Katie’s obsession. From the early days of her first sketch for a  knicker (which her Mum made into a prototype on her sewing machine) to finding a factory, sourcing fabrics and seeking non stop customer feedback, Katie was on a mission to make the most comfortable knickers in the world.

In the podcast episode, Katie shares her passion for supporting single mums in the business world, the people whose work brought her solace in her darkest times (and how they became Stripe & Stare customers), the brand’s culture of owning and celebrating your failure and how “thong-gate” resulted in a screaming match with her business partner (which, because they’re such good friends, was quickly resolved.)  

Grab a cup of coffee, pop your trainers on, buckle up in your car and get ready for this motivational and insightful chat with Katie Lopes, co-founder of Stripe & Stare underwear. You can listen to the episode on Apple podcasts HERE, on Spotify HERE and on Amazon music HERE

If you would like to investigate Stripe & Stare for yourself, or update your undies, you can get 20% off at checkout with the code BETHG20. And just so you know, this is an affiliate link which means if you use it, you will save a few pennies and I will make a few pennies – so it’s a win win!

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Beth 😊

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The two books that Katie referred to in the podcast episode are:

Good To Great by Jim Collins

The Chimp Paradox

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