Jeans Alternatives: Ready For A Change?

Jeans Alternatives: Ready For A Change?

Jeans Alternatives

Unless you’re like my Mum, who has never owned a pair of jeans in her life, jeans will probably play a major role in your every day wardrobe. But when you’ve had enough of wearing them, what are the jeans alternatives?

Brain gremlins! 

When stepping outside of the comfort zone of our jeans, our minds start to fire off all sorts of thoughts and questions  – and they’re not always helpful (a little like brain gremlins)!

They might look something like this: “Will people think I’m trying too hard?” “Will people ask me if I’m going to the office?” “I know where I am with my jeans but how do I style other trousers?” “What if they don’t suit me?” “What if I don’t like them.”

Which often makes us think to ourselves.

“I know, I’ll stick to jeans.”

Trust me! 

But trust me, there are jeans alternatives out there which are super wearable, very stylish and super comfortable.

I’ve recorded a podcast episode just for you! 

So with that, I’m inviting you to take a listen to my podcast episode “What To Wear When You Don’t Want To Wear Jeans”.

In my 14 years as a stylist, a question that I am asked most frequently is “What are some comfortable and stylish alternatives to jeans”. It’s a question I love diving in to because it’s amazing how many options are out there.

So in this episode I look at 5 key areas. As well as jeans alternatives I look at different tops to wear, fabrics to consider, shoe options and the bits “around the edges.”

You’re going to come away with new ideas, inspiration and outfit ideas and SO much more to make your day lighter brighter and more positive.

So let’s get to it: Click Here To Listen To My Podcast Episode: What to Wear When You Don’t Want To Wear Jeans

Have a super week!

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