Want To Feel “Put Together” Every Day?

Hello my friend! How are you today?

You know me, I love to chat. But today I’m going to get straight to it as there’s no time to waste 😊

My question to you is this:

Do you ever wonder how great it would be to feel put together every day?

If you answered yes, read on!

During the last 18 months, together with a group of lovely ladies, I have been busy building my style membership, “The Style Lounge.”

Over that time we have tweaked, honed and refined the content. Each month I survey the members and create polls to find out what they would like me to include in their monthly “Edit.”

The ladies answer. They make suggestions and reply with fabulous ideas and each month I create a beautiful magazine style Edit for them. Something that makes them feel put together every day.

In this month’s Edit, there are 27 pages with 40 new season pieces and 30 outfits for the month ahead.

If you would like to take a look at what is inside of the 27 page February Edit, just click HERE TO TAKE A LOOK INSIDE

Fancy finding out more? 

OK, so let me explain.

You’ve heard of “Hello Fresh” or “Gusto” right?

If not, Hello Fresh & Gusto deliver all the ingredients you need for your evening meal to your front door, along with instructions, so that you can make your meal with ease.

Cooking this way saves you the mental energy of thinking about what you might like to eat for the week ahead.

It saves you the time of creating a shopping list and of having to go to the shops to buy the ingredients.

It saves you the effort of deciding how to put the ingredients together to make a lovely meal and;

It avoids that “Arggh, it’s 5.35pm, everyone is starving, and I haven’t even thought about dinner yet” panic.

“Hmmm.” You may be thinking to yourself. “Really? So how does this look like when it comes to clothes and style?

Good question. I hoped you might ask that!

What this looks like is as follows:

💐Each month I create a Magazine style “Edit” of pieces available from the High Street (or online) which I deliver to your inbox. There tends to be anywhere between 25 and 40 pieces. The Edit contains a picture of each piece, styling information and ideas about it, and if you click on the picture, it will take you to the website of the brand that stocks the item – just so that you can take a closer look.

💐I then take the items and create them into 30 outfits for the month ahead. They are there ready for you to cut and paste into your life, whatever the occasion…just like Hello Fresh or Gusto.

Here’s an example of the December Edit. JUST CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK INSIDE

“Great!” I hear you say “But we’re all different shapes, sizes and ages, so how do you deal with that?”

Again great question and I’m glad you asked!

🎉As well as having your say on the monthly Edit, members of The Style Lounge also get access to a library of resources worth over £1000.    This contains styling programmes, e-books, guides, style videos and styling resources.

🎉So if you see an outfit that you like in theory but the shape of the neckline (for example) isn’t quite right, you can go and find the right body shape guide for you, check out the necklines that flatter you the most (or that you like the most) and make a substituion.

🎉Or if you’re thinking your wardrobe is jam packed and you don’t know where to start, no sweat – you can go through my Weekend Wardrobe Makeover programme and Edit your wardrobe like a pro.

🎉Whatever your dilemma, I have a programme, worksheet, guide, e-book or workshop to help make implementing the outfits easier for you.

Here’s a quick behind the scenes inside of The Style Lounge:

“But then I’ve got to go and find the clothes right?” I hear you say

So I have three ways of helping you with that.

🎉First, as mentioned above, just click on the items in the Edit to take you to the pieces. That saves a WHOLE lot of time!

🎉Next, I do a quarterly “tour of the stores” which is a video showing you a full range of pieces in the stores. It’s quite possible that if you’re looking for something, the answer will be in there.

🎉Additionally we have a “Style Lounge” Facebook Group where you can ask questions. So if you’re looking for an alternative item all you need to do is ask in there and help will be at hand.

And finally, you get access to all previous Edits in your library, so there are hundreds of outfit ideas to choose from.

“What about the planet?” I hear you ask. “And isn’t this all just about acquiring more?”

Absolutely not! I LOVE suggesting new ways to wear pieces and creating new outfits from pieces that members already own. Only last month one of the members told me how she had created 30 new outfits from pieces that she already had. I was so delighted for her!

“Surely all of that is going to be SUPER expensive each month. It’s got to be at least £70” I hear you say. 

The answer to which is it probably should be but no, it’s not! It’s £27/month.

I won’t say “only £27/month” because I appreciate that our economic climate is tricky right now – as evidenced by my lunch bill of over £10 for some soup, a bread roll, some nuts and a drink. Whoa!

But my aim is to save you the money each month, either by suggesting a sale piece, or giving you new ideas of how to wear existing pieces so that you don’t need to buy anything else.

Ultimately, the question really is this. Does feeling put together every day, keeping your wardrobe fresh and up to date, gaining the confidence to try new looks, re-discovering your sense of self, never being at a loss as to what to wear, and feeling supported by a group of lovely women have a £27/month value to you…

…all wrapped up in the shape of a lovely monthly Edit with the latest pieces, styling ideas, 30 outfits and an extensive library of styling programmes, e-books and videos for every occasion?

If you’re even half way towards a “Yes” I invite you to take a look at The Style Lounge Information Page which you can do HERE. There are behind the scenes videos, an example of an Edit, details of what’s in the library, bonuses and sign up buttons.

If it helps to know, this is what Emma said about The Style Lounge:

“This is brilliant. Thanks so much. I really feel that the Edit helps keep me focused on what to look for in the Spring. It’s so helpful being shown how to wear the same things in different ways.”

and from Jackie:

“TLS has taught me how to put an outfit together with confidence. TLS has made me realise my clothes affect my mood and vice versa so to me this group is part of my self care!”

and from Claire:

“My favourite part of being a member of The Style Lounge is knowing that I can reach out to Beth and the Style Lounge members for advice and support. I love that Beth ask what help we need and delivers every month. Beth is a friend I’ve yet to meet who is my Fashion Fairy Godmother.”

I don’t know of anything else like this available – I believe it truly is a one off and I would LOVE it if you would like to join me.

I’m accepting new members until midnight on Tuesday 14th February (it could be a nice Valentine’s Day pressie to yourself!). Places are now limited as over 3o ladies have signed up already. But there’s always room for a few more! 

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to DM me on Instagram at bethgoodrham.stylist or email me at mail@bethgoodrham.com

And if you’d like to take a look at the information page and sign up, HERE’S WHERE YOU CAN DO THAT!

I hope to see you inside of The Style Lounge!

Beth x





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