Baukjen Summer 2022 – The Edit!

Before I get in to this blog post I’ve just had a thought which is this: if you wear glasses when you’ve just had a fake tan, will they rub it off? You see we’re off on holiday tomorrow and in preparation, I’ve had a fake tan. But it’s just occurred to me that if I wear my glasses to type this, I might end up with two white circles around my eyes. But if I don’t, this post might make (even) less sense than usual. Ho hum…the difficulties of trying to balance beauty and age. It could produce an interesting look!

Anyhow, I digress. As you may know, I work with the brand, Baukjen. This means that each month, I get to choose some of their clothes from their new collection. Now that we’re well into the summer, I’ve had a chance to put quite a few pieces through their paces in and in the video below, I’m sharing my edit of some of my favourite Baukjen Summer 2022 pieces. I figure that videos are a good way to share the clothes as it provides more of an idea of what they look like and how they may work for you. Plus I can chat to you more 😊

Below the video I’ve included the links to the clothes, some of which are now in the sale (which is a real Brucie Bonus). And just in case you would find it helpful to use, I have a discount code which will get you 15% off full priced items. The code to use at checkout is BGSTYLIST15. And just so that you know, if you do use the code, I receive a payment by way of commission.


Baukjen Summer 2022

To watch this video of my favourite pieces from the Baukjen Summer 2022 collection, just click HERE

As I mentioned above, the items featured in the video are listed below, together with links. The 15% discount code, just so that you don’t have to scroll up the post to find it, is BGSTYLIST15 😚

*Everly dress (£149)

*Aabriella dress (£169)

*Katie organic cotton dress (£111)

*Celia trousers (£59 down from £99)

*Niely top (£59)

*Isaaca organic cotton top (also comes in a skirt and a dress) (£69)

*Daisy upcycled top (£83 down from £119)

*Melie blouse (£99) comes in navy, ice blue, pale rosewood, pure white, sea green)

*Riley blouse (down to £49)

*Jaqueline blouse (£115)

*Agatha organic top (£55)

*Lou organic jeans (£109)

*Francine eco tec cardigan (I finally found it) (£77) 

I hope that you enjoy this run through of my favourite Baukjen pieces and that something new catches your eye or, you get an idea or some inspo for how to re-work something which you already own.

Oh and before I forget (it happens a lot these day!) if you’re looking to improve your style confidence; to feel braver in your choices and wear the things that you like but which you tell yourself you could NEVER wear, you might like to read my Style Confidence Guide. It’s a 25 page e-book with lots of thoughts, ideas, practical suggestions and steps that you can take to make you feel more like “you” again. Just click HERE to download it for free.

Style Confidence Guide - A Guide to choosing what you love to wear, every day


Look forward to seeing you again soon!


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