Clogs – Heels & Trainers Rolled Into One!

Clogs! Okey dokey. So here goes. For some I know they’re a “no-go” but let’s keep an open mind because I’m going to take you on a clog styling journey.

When you see a style of shoe appear in several shops on the High Street all at once, you know that they are a “thing”.  And as you can see from the images below, clogs are in a LOT of High Street stores right now.

Clogs with a skirt and knit – I like!

Personally, I’m a fan. I had my first pair of clogs from Freeman Hardy & Willis in about 1983 and I flipping LOVED them. I wore them everywhere. These were followed by a pair in the mid 90s and then the pair that I am wearing above, which arrived a couple of days ago.

Printed dress and neutral clogs

I get that you might have to side step some thoughts around clogs. There’s no skirting the issue – they can evoke a strong response in people.

But here’s what they offer: a shoe that covers your foot (no pedicure required!) which offer height, which are comfortable, which go with so many things and which (in some cases) are environmentally friendly. Oh and if you have less than skinny ankles, they are your best friend.

Love the oversized shirt and jeans combo!

PLUS they won’t ever date – because, like me, they are already vintage. And the thing is, as we get older, more and more shoes seem to be off limits from a comfort perspective so these might just fill a gap. I feel that in terms of comfort and style, they’re a little like heels and trainers rolled in to one.

As you can see from the above images, a popular way to wear them is in a neutral shade and to tone them to your outfit. Not only does the neutral colour have a great leg lengthening effect but it also makes them super versatile.

Printed clogs and a tonal outfit

I have to admit to being a fan of this leopard print pair. The ones that that I’m wearing above are from Lotta from Stockholm who also do a leopard print style(£74.50) The style below comes in 12 colours, including sea grey, taupe and dark blue. They also come with a light base.


Lotta also stock a great range of sandals and boots, in low and high heels and in lots of colours. My favourite style of clog have the tractor sole, which makes them non slip. Just take a look at these babies!


Pink lotta clogs(£53.50) – These SO have my name on them!

A maxi dress and clogs look

And when the winter comes, these shearling fur clogs from Lotta are what I will be wearing around the house, with chunky socks!


And don’t even get me started on the gold ones, the silver ones and the pink patent ones. They are just gorgeous 💗💗💗

gold lotta clogs (£44.50)

silver lotta clogs (£44.50)

patent pink lotta clogs (£47.50)

And if you’re looking for some other options which are available, just take a look below!

Stradivarius (£55.99)

Mango (£69.99)

Mint Velvet (£109)

JD Williams wide clogs (£34.20) which come in several colours

Maje (£259)

I hope that having the outfit images (thank you Pinterest) gives you some ideas of what clogs might look like in your life. They are definitely one to ponder, flirt with and possibly try before reaching a final verdict!

Beth x

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