Is Your Wardobe In A Muddle & Your Karma Upside Down?!


I’ve been told in the past that I use too many words. And I know it’s true – especially when I’m writing. So let’s get straight to it!

I’ve officially launched my spotlight styling course, Weekend Wardrobe Makeover, for £47.

SO many people have told me that their overflowing wardrobe is a huge barrier to getting to where they want to be with their clothes and like a pair of knickers that ride up your bum – that’s an uncomfortable place to be.

I’ve had emails saying things like: 

“I can’t see the wood for the trees”

“I just keep buying more of the same even though I know I’ve got things in my wardrobe that are already similar”

“My wardrobe is full of things that don’t fit, or that I’ve bought but haven’t worn. But I can’t get rid of them. What if I fit into them one day? And just think of all that money I’ve wasted.”

“If only I could sort everything out, figure out what to keep and what to get rid of and work out what I needed to add, it would feel like a weight had been lifted.”

“There are things that I like (sort of) and things which are OK (sort of) and if I just added a few new things so that I could ring the changes, I’d feel like I was more put together.”

“I know that shopping your wardrobe is a “thing” but for me it’s more a case of shopping a huge jumble sale. I could make so many more outfits out of what I already have, if I only knew where to start.”


To help with ALL of this – and way more besides – I created Weekend Wardrobe Makeover which is a series of videos where I teach you how to edit your current wardrobe and create a lovely (but hard working) wardrobe for yourself which you can update with ease.

In Weekend Wardrobe Makeover you will learn how to:

  • Reverse engineer what your future wardrobe will look like
  • Create systems for organising and planning your wardrobe
  • Edit your wardrobe using the step by step process that I’ve developed and refined over the years
  • Follow Guiding Principles so that you can create a wardrobe that is going to serve you well
  • Ask the right questions so that you can be sure that you’re only including in your wardrobe, pieces that you know will work for you
  • Create your own wardrobe from as little as 25 pieces (but you can include more if you choose) which will see you right through from breakfast to lunch, dinner and beyond!

And since I know that editing your wardrobe is just the first step towards getting you feeling positive and excited about your clothes again, I’ve also included:

  • My style personality quiz
  • My style your shape e-book
  • A wardrobe checklist
  • 3 workshops where I teach different approaches to creating outfits

Oh and before I forget (still waiting for the HRT to kick in!) it also comes with checklists, pdf downloads, outfit formulas, journalling prompts and transcripts of the lessons.

So if having an untidy, muddled, overflowing wardrobe is something that is causing a road block, making you frustrated and preventing you from making the most of what you own (or from adding in some exciting new season pieces)…

…now would be the perfect time to sign up to Weekend Wardrobe Makeover.


On signing up, the programme will be delivered to you via email along with login details.  Just like Neflix, you can access it whenever you choose and just like that pile of odd socks in the laundry – it won’t ever go away!

If you’ve got any questions, just email me at and I’ll be happy to help! 😊

PS If you’ve skipped down here: My Weekend Wardrobe Makeover Programme is currently available. It’s a series of videos on how to edit your wardrobe and create a hard working wardrobe for yourself to see you from dawn until dusk. It’s £47, comes with 4 additional bonuses and as well as checklists, pdf downloads, outfit formulas, journalling prompts and transcripts of the lessons.



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