Pink For Spring – Is There Anything More Cheery?

Fancy a little pink for spring anyone?!

With the nights getting lighter, new shoots blooming and the weather slowly warming up, it feels as though spring is finally on its way.

For sure, there’s a heaviness in our souls right but I am a firm believer in doing whatever we can (within reason) to put ourselves in the best position possible so that we can go about our day feeling positive.

I know how much humans love bright colours and in particular, bright clothes. Even if you may be slightly reticent to wear something bright, each week I see in the groups that I run the impact that bright clothes have not only on the person wearing them but also on those around them.

And so this week I’m going to write about something pink for spring. Pink trousers. Bright pink trousers  – OK and some more muted options too!

For starters, I tried this pair on in Cos (79) a few weeks ago. As I was walking down the stairs to leave the shop, a lady who had seen me in them asked me if I was going to buy them because she loved how they looked…

default image

…which was interesting because I felt as though I looked like a clown in them. But then again there’s never going to be anyone who is harsher on us than ourselves!

BUT now I’ve thought about them a little more, I did like their crazy proportions and their bright colour. And yes, they did make me smile. For the right reasons or not I’m not sure…but nonetheless!

This style from Me & Em  (185) have a lovely shape to them. These are made from Ecovero, which is an eco conscious fabric blend.

Colour Pop Wide-Leg Man Pant

Being made from ecovero, the fabric of these trousers is softer, more drapey and less rigid than the Cos pair, which are 100% cotton.

They have the potential to be a great spring addition to my wardrobe because, apart from anything, choosing a top is so easy. Essentially my choices would come down to a black, navy or white tee with a plain knit over the top and trainers. And that would be the job done.

Of course if an evening invitation happened to come my way, then it would be on with the block heels and black evening top and again, the job would be done.

Now if you’re thinking “But come on Beth, neither of those styles are going to suit my shape and I’m not a fan of bright pink” here goes for a slimmer fitting pale pink version from Boden (65)

Slim Straight Ankle Jeans - Posy Pink

Or, Boden also have this style, which are the wide leg cotton twill trousers (80). They are possibly a little more accessible than the Cos & Me & Em versions in terms of their style, composition (98% cotton and 2% elastane) and colour.

I like the fact that if you’re petite you can get them in a cropped length but also, that you could opt for the regular if you preferred them in a full length. And as with all Boden trousers, they come in a long length too.

Wide Leg Cotton Twill Trousers - Cameo Pink

I can imagine these with a kitten heel and a pretty top for a night out. Or with trainers and a denim shirt in the day. Or a white tee, navy blazer and loafers for a smart/casual look.

Boden has some chinos, some slim straight ankle jeans and some tapered chinos, as well as some styles which are in the sale. I’ve linked to them HERE just in case you fancy taking a look.

And finally Baukjen have this cheeky pair of powder pink cropped jeans, which are available with 15% off using the code BGSTYLIST15. I’ve got these in white and I love them. They’re not tight and they don’t cut you in  half!

Gail Organic Jean

Now I get that either a bright colour, or a pale colour, on your bottom half may feel a little challenging. But what I would say is don’t rule it out without giving it a little thought…a little contemplation!

One option could be to create a tonal look with pink jeans or trousers by wearing a top in a similar tone. Doing this creates a nice flowing line which is elongating.

Another option is to wear a long line knit which hits just above the knee. This feels quite elegant as a silhouette and offers a sort of security blanket until you’re used to them.

If you’re happy to wear a wedge heel, or a a block or stacked heel, a platform or a flatform, these can help to “style something out” that you may feel isn’t quite your best friend.

All of the above suggestions are ones that you can apply to other pieces which may not, on the face of it, be your first choice. So if pink for spring isn’t your thing, look to other colours of the season, such as bright green or yellow.

And if the idea of trousers in one of these colours doesn’t appeal, consider a skirt instead or try flipping the colour to your top half. It’s all about thinking a little outside of the box!

Hope that you have a great week!

Beth x


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