Stripes For Spring! Believe me, they’re a thing!

Would you believe it? The powers that be have declared that stripes are a “trend” this season. Stripes! A trend!

Yes, the ubiquitous “we’ve been wearing them every year since the day that we were born – on our vests, pants, school ties, breton tops, jumpers and socks” type of stripes are suddenly a THING (I just typed THONG by mistake but quickly realised my error – fortunately!)


Nobody’s child is a great eco brand with prices that aren’t ridiculous! I’m loving this striped frill poplin shirt (£42)  Their sustainability policy is here, should you fancy taking a closer look.

The fact that stripes are a trend is actually is a really good thing. Because unlike the mini skirt/sheer/net/floral trouser suit trend that’s gracing the shops this season, stripes are utterly, totally and absolutely DO-ABLE (and yes, that is a well known term in fashion circles!)

And if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to incorporate them into your every day, here goes…

A striped strap on your bag…

For something that you can get maximum daily wear out of – meaning that the cost per wear is low –  swap the strap on a cross body bag.

Check out Meg & Bee London for a selection of striped straps that can be bought individually. The bag featured below is the conker navy/copper combo. I love this colour combo for spring but there are plenty of brighter options too.

A breton striped top

Probably the easiest way to wear a stripe is in a breton style top. They’re fresh, spring like and go with pretty much anything from jeans, to khakis and pleather trousers.  Plus they’re a great way to dress down something slightly fancier, like a silky skirt – or layer underneath a jersey style dress to give it a new lease of life. They work with prints too – see the leopard combo below!

striped top

I’ve been a big fan of the striped tops since I first bought one in France aged 17. It was a true Breton top and lasted for years and years.  This season I’m liking the Ashley organic cotton top from Baukjen (£59) which comes in 7 colours including daffodil, strawberry, sienna, fern, khaki, blue and rosewood. And with the code BGOODRHAMSTYLIST15 there’s a 15% discount on all new season Baukjen stock.

Then there’s the option of a striped shirt

A striped shirt layered underneath a winter knit is a nice way to break up a darker jumper and inject a bit of “spring” into it. I’ve had great striped shirts from Cos, H&M and Tesco over the years. In fact I’ve had to put a ban on myself buying any more blue and white striped shirt as I could go on FOREVER! Although…

…I’m currently a big fan of this striped blouse from Me & Em which is £50 in the sale, reduced from £125.  It adds such a lovely feminine touch to otherwise very plan knits also makes a blazer feel a little less corporate.

And finally, a striped knit!

A striped Guernsey is going to set you up beautifully for spring. For years, Le Tricoteur in Guernsey have been making oversized Guernseys for their Japanese clients, who often wear them instead of coats.

I visited the Le Tricoteur factory several years ago now and watched the Guernseys being made by hand. It really was an incredible site and if you buy from Le Tricoteur, you are genuinely supporting a tiny, locally run business, with a fabulous history.

We could go on forever with stripes – scarves, bags, tees, trousers, jackets and dresses – the list goes on. Just know if you’ve got something striped hidden away in the ironing pile, or consigned to the “I might send this to the charity shop” pile – dig it out, brush it off and start all over again!

Beth x

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