Packing for a week long staycation with Baukjen!

Packing for a week long staycation with Baukjen!
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This summer has the potential to be SO exciting. No really, it does. Even in the rain☔☔☔
There may not be the opportunity to go abroad in the same way that there has in previous years but it’s going to be way more fun than last year, that’s for sure.
Not only that but there are so many beautiful places to go within our own country, even on our doorstep – places that we don’t always take the time to explore because of the lure of the sun, sangria and siestas.
And when the sun does finally decide to peek from behind the clouds, is there honestly a more joyous moment to be had?! 😍🥰😍
Cadie Organic Dress
The Cadie organic dress  (£159) is the perfect combination of denim with feminine frills, making it the perfect holiday dress. It has a ruffled collar, tiered skirt and POCKETS – plus room to take a large stride and hide a fish and chip lunch on the beach! 🥳🎉🥳
As I started writing this post, I wondered to myself, is is possible to “go” on a staycation? Or is that an oxymoron? So I decided to look “staycation” up and this is what I found…
  1. a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.
    So just to clear that up, yes, it is possible to go on a Staycation, because a Staycation may involve staying at home, or it may involve going away (whilst still staying in one’s own country). Phew, so pleased to have that one sorted!
The Cadie Organic Jumpsuit (£159)  is made from organic chambray.  It’s classically styled in that it features breast pockets and long sleeves but the waist is shaped and the legs are tapered, making it more contemporary. I know how you love a good jumpsuit so if you’re thinking about it, I’d definitely try this one and it’s perfect for beach walks.  
A while ago I did an IGTV on 5 different ways to style a jumpsuit, which you can watch HERE – it may give you some ideas on how to style this beauty.

As a child of the 70s, holidays abroad weren’t really a “thing” for us meaning that, probably like most of you reading this, I became adept at figuring out what to take on holiday in a climate where the weather could vary between torrential storms and tropical heat, all in one day (or even in one hour).


Lou Organic Jean

The Lou Organic Jeans (£99) have a wide leg but are designed to fit snugly over the bottom and the hips before flaring out into a leg lengthening, 70s inspired, silhouette.

I have found that adopting a simple colour palette makes both packing and choosing what to wear once you get to your holiday destination, SO much easier.

And for me it’s blue and white. No question! Cut me in half and I think you’d probably find blue and white stripes running through me. The other great thing is that it often includes a lot of denim, which is brilliant in a UK climate for adding a little weight and warmth.

So when I took a look at the Baukjen drop for July, I was delighted to see lots of blue in there….and these are my picks of pieces that I would take on my UK staycation which ultimately it would include a jumpsuit, 2 pairs of jeans (blue and white), two blouses, a dress, a shirt and a long sleeved striped top.


Nils Organic Blouse

The Nils organic blouse (£99) is versatile, and a great shape. It would work well with white jeans (see below), khaki trousers such as the easter organic trouser (£99) or some dungarees, such as the organic stretch dungarees  in washed black (£149)

Becca Organic Blouse

Or how about the  Becca organic blouse (£99) which has a ruffle trimmed yoke and three quarter puff sleeves that finish with a frill? It’s a straight cut so won’t add too much volume and it adds a hint of pretty, even in the windiest of sand dunes or soggiest of beach cafes.

Cadie Organic Blouse

Or the Cadie organic blouse (£99) with its frilled collar, deep cuffs and gathered shoulders, all in a soft organic chambray cotton, makes such a lovely addition to a staycation wardrobe with its subtle prettiness.

Becca Organic Dress

If you’re a dress kind of girl and you’re wanting to wear more dresses in the daytime, the Becca organic dress (£145) is a brilliant place to start.

The v-neckline works well on a curvier bust or strawberry shape and I love that it’s neat around the shoulders and upper body, working its way down into floaty tiers and a relaxed fit but with statement sleeves. It’s made from a fine, cord like, organic cotton which also makes it a great piece to layer up for the autumn, with boots.

The Organic Boyfriend Jean

A pair of white Organic boyfriend jeans (£99) would work so well on this little staycation we’re going on. The above picture shows just how well they’d work with any of the blouses featured.


Ashley Organic Cotton Top

I’d probably also work in some stripes, in the form of this Ashley organic cotton top (£59) which could be layered underneath the jumpsuit or a dress as well as working with dungarees, or white or blue jeans. And finally I’d add in….

…the striped Arbor shirt (£99), which I’d wear out over the white boyfriend jeans and tied at the waist with the 70s style wide legged jeans.

Arbor Shirt

Work in a waterproof jacket, a pair of wedges, some trainers, your wellies and your work is done! If you’re an accessories kind of girl, pack to your hearts’ content with neon, metallics, animal print, pom poms or raffia.

Enjoy your staycation!

Beth xx


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