Come Get Your Seat To My FREE Style Masterclass!



Come Get Your Seat To My FREE Style Masterclass!

Hello! How’s your week so far?

For many months now I’ve wanted to create something special for you as summer approaches and as lockdown lifts….something which would help you to create a wardrobe you love, so that you feel effortlessly put together every day.

Over the last few months, I’ve been listening to you as you’ve been telling me via emails and Instagram that:

  • You’ve experienced going to your wardrobe, opening it, standing there and just feeling utterly disenchanted by everything that is hanging in it…
  • You’re concerned about what on earth you’re going to wear when you start seeing friends and socialising again as lockdown lifts…
  • You really have no idea where to start with creating outfits that work for you, so instead you look to others and use their outfits for inspiration, even though those outfits don’t really feel like “you”..
  • In your quietest moments you admit to feeling bored, overwhelmed, frustrated or even embarrassed with your wardrobe…
  • You just wish that you could wave a magic wand so that you feel more confident, know how to create outfits and feel “put together” every day, as it would make life SO much easier for you…

So having listened to all of that, I have something very special to share with you!

I have created a brand new, FREE Masterclass where I share with you my 3 best kept secrets for how to create outfits with confidence, every day at any age so that you feel effortlessly put together whatever you are doing. No magic needed!

And all that you need to do to sign up to this Masterclass is to click below, choose a date that suits you and sign up:

“The 3 Behind-The-Scenes-Secrets to Creating Outfits With Confidence, Every Day At Any Age”

We’ve all read the magazine articles on “How to create a fabulous wardrobe with just 10 pieces”, or “A Fashion Editor’s guide to this season’s pieces” but let’s be honest, life just isn’t like that is it?

What if…

  • You work full time from home AND you have children to look after plus a home to run? Oh and don’t forget that the dog needs walking!
  • You spend your day in and out of Zoom meetings?
  • You work in a school or in healthcare and have a uniform, either official or unofficial, most of the week?
  • You’re a stay at home Mum?
  • You’re retired and help to look after your grandchildren a couple of days a week?
  • You’ve just had a change of lifestyle and now you live in the country?
  • It’s pretty cold and damp where you live most of the time!

Oh and don’t let’s forget that our bodies perhaps weren’t once they were pre-children, pre-menopause and pre that dodgy knee/back/bunion you now have!

Then what? How well are those ten pieces, or the Fashion Editor’s selection, going to serve you then?!

Well the truth is that they’re not. They are going to fail you miserably pretty much every…single…step…of the way. And we all know this feeling don’t we?!!!!

And that’s the thing. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to your Wardrobe. We are all different, with different shapes, tastes, preferences, requirements, lifestyles and budgets….which is why I’ve created this Masterclass.

So here’s the deal.

If you’re willing to spend just one hour with me, I will reward your time, energy and commitment with the 3 most effective strategies so that you can start to create outfits with confidence, every single day, at any age. How does that sound?

Pick the Masterclass That Best Fits Your Schedule (I’m offering multiple times and they’re all LIVE!)  It’s totally free, but space is limited –  so be sure to grab your spot today!

I can’t wait to see you  in the Masterclass!

Much love,

Beth x

PS Still not sure if you should be here?

You might like to join me if…

  1. You have been trying to create that “put together without too much effort” look FOR YEARS but you still don’t feel as though you’ve quite figured it out. That’s me! Please show me how to finally achieve it!
  2. Having been rather attached to your jogging bottoms for the last year, you’re not sure how to go about getting yourself back on track style wise (whilst at the same time feeling as though you’re still in your jogging bottoms, which let’s face it are SO comfortable!) Yep, count me in!
  3. You’re really happy with your wardrobe but you know that there’s always room to shake things up a little and you just find things like this fun! Plus there’s not much out there fashion-wise which caters for women your age. Oooh yes, now I come to think of it, I can see the benefit of that, sign me up!

PPS – Don’t forget! The 3 Behind The Scenes Secrets To Creating Outfits With Confidence, Every Day At Any Age will help you to feel in control of your style so that you can feel effortlessly put together every day, so claim your seat now before the class fills up!

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