5 Easy Steps To Make Your Wardrobe “Less Boring”!

5 Easy Steps To Make Your Wardrobe Less Boring

A couple of weeks ago, I asked the question on Instagram:

” Use one word to best describe how you feel about your wardrobe.”

The words that came back were as follows:

“Bored, confused, overwhelmed, sad, dull, thwarted, fed up, meh, cluttered, too busy, un co-ordinated, despair, bewildered, tired, lacklustre, exasperated, awful, crammed, blah, embarrassed, chaotic, drab, uninspired, ambivalent, embarrassed.”

That’s a lot of words, from a lot of people, which have a lot of negative emotions associated with them.  It broke my heart to hear that so many were struggling with how they felt about their wardrobes but it’s completely understandable. We’ve had a year of not paying too much attention to what we’ve been wearing and what we do own, now feels as if it begins to another era. So I get that we’re all ready for an injection of some “newness” into our wardrobes to lift things a little.

And so, a few days later, I held an IGTV Live in which I shared 5 easy steps to make your wardrobe “less boring.” I’ve spent many years figuring these kind of things out with all the clients that I have styles and I love to give you quick, easy to implement, steps which get you results FAST!


If you’d like to learn my top 5 tips for making your wardrobe less boring, JUST CLICK HERE (and just so that you know, 4 of them are absolutely FREE!) Oh and please excuse the comings and goings of daily life. With everyone at home at the moment, it’s impossible to legislate against who might need me for what and when!

I really hope that you enjoy it. And if you would like to download my FREE STYLE CONFIDENCE GUIDE to help you on your way, JUST CLICK HERE! 

Much love,

Beth 😊

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