Get my FREE Style Confidence Guide!

Get My FREE Style Confidence Guide!

Hello and how are you? Have you braved the shops yet? Nope, me neither!

As much as the lure of the shops is quite strong, I can’t pretend that I’m in a desperate rush to be in an enclosed space with crowds of people so for now I’ll be staying local. BUT after having a had a year at home (and all that has entailed in terms of wearing either the same clothes on repeat, or non-stop casual clothes and LOTS of elasticated waistbands) I think its really important to start getting ourselves back on track.

It is for this reason that I wanted to share with you my FREE “Style Confidence Guide”. It’s packed full of case studies, journalling exercises, prompts, ideas and suggestions to get you back on track with your Style Confidence as we head into spring.

In it I cover things such as “Why You Deserve To Have A Wardrobe That You Love”, as well as addressing the tricky topic of “I Never Know What To Wear Anymore” before looking at “Simple Ways To Identify What You Need In Your Wardrobe.” I also look at case studies of three women I’ve worked with – Emma, Alison And Claire as well as giving you an “Action Steps Checklist” to start heading you in the right direction with your confidence, your style and your wardrobe as lockdown lifts.

I find that a little time at the start of each season just sitting quietly and going over where you are with your wardrobe, and where you want to get to with it, reaps much bigger rewards than heading to the shops and buying a whole bunch of clothes that are probably only going to have to go back anyway!

To get my Style Confidence Guide just CLICK HERE, pop your details in and it will be delivered to you straight away! I would love to know which part, in particular, you find helpful!

Much love,

Beth x

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