“I Think To Be Stylish You Have To Have Money”…


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Recently I read a comment from a lady which said “I think that to be stylish you need to have money” and it got me thinking that I really needed to do something to address this as a belief.

As someone who has spent the last 11 years styling women who don’t have a huge budget, I know for a fact that it is possible to look stylish without spending a fortune and it makes me sad to think that people feel that they can’t be stylish unless they have a lot of money.  Because really, where does that leave them?

So last week I created a series on Instagram called “High Street Heroes”. Each day I created a one minute style tip in which I looked at how to get more for your money in different sectors of the High Street, both in physical shops and online.

I started off by looking at the Supermarkets as they have some great clothes at fabulous prices – and at least they’re actually open right now! On Tuesday I looked at the more accessible end of the High Street and how to work those stores which some find overwhelming and intimidating. On Wednesday I looked at brands where you can pay in instalments and on Thursday I looked at those brands which fell in the mid-range on the High Street, as well as looking at sale shopping.

On Friday I did a round up of the week and took a closer look at some online brands, which are largely run by women, and which offer a lovely boutique experience but at a great price.

If you’d like to watch my Friday’s “round up” video, and discover all of my tips so that you get the most for your money, then just click the link below!

High Street Heroes Video

In the video I share some of my favourite High Street buys; the pieces that I am asked about ALL the time on Instagram – because for sure, there are some absolute gems available.

I don’t want anyone to think that just because they don’t have a huge budget that they can’t look incredible. You absolutely can and in this video I show you how.

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