Ready For A Change? Seeing In The Spring With Baukjen!

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Wearing Baukjen boyfriend jeans and The Raffi Blouse (£99)  for what might be the first signs of spring!

Dear Reader 😍

I don’t know about you but I feel ready for a change. In fact I feel ready for lots of changes (although not “the change” – especially if it’s going to cause me problems – no that can safely stay off my radar for now.)

Alta Dress £149 the perfect every day dress. It’s made of Baukjen’s Lenzing Ecovero sustainable fabric which comprises 95% viscose and 5% elastane, so if “the change” is hitting you hard, this will help you to feel cool, comfortable and stylish. Those buttons at the neckline and that loose waist makes all the difference. 

A change of scenery would be nice, or a change in the weather. Perhaps a change of address would be an option, oooh and I’d love to change our huge sofa for a pale pink one.  Then again those things are pretty big changes – most of which I don’t have any control over – so for now I think it’s good to stick with the things that we DO have a little bit more of a say in – or a little more sway over – and one of those is what clothes we choose to put on our bodies each day and how they make us feel.

Drake Organic Utility Jacket

The Drake Organic Utility Jacket (£169)in blossom will do perfectly until that pale pink sofa dream becomes a reality!

During our many lockdowns I’ve had lots of fabulous emails, messages and DMs from followers and readers and they all have a common theme which is this: women all over the world are feeling conflicted.  On the one hand they don’t see the point in making an effort – in wearing nice clothes, in putting make up on and in doing their hair because, well, no-one’s going to see, so why bother?

Agatha Organic Cotton Top

Sometimes all that you need is a little bit of a frill, a splash of colour or some print, to pep things up. All that matter is how YOU feel. This Agatha organic cotton top (£55) would do that job beautifully. 

Yet on the other hand, all of these emails and messages have something in common, there’s a phrase, an emoji, or a sub-text which jumps out at me and which screams “BUT I DON’T FEEL LIKE ME. IT’S NOT MAKING ME HAPPY. I HATE FEELING LIKE THIS.” And here’s the real sting in the tail “EVEN MY HUSBAND HAS COMMENTED.” When I receive an email or a message with that phrase in it, then I know that we’re in trouble!

Gail Organic Jean

The Gail Organic Jean (£99) a really modern, lovely alternative to a bootcut with a fabulous 98.5% cotton and 1.5% elastane composition. They sit on your waist too, making them really comfortable and they work so well come summer or winter. 

I’d love to encourage you to wear what makes you happy – even if no-one else is going to see – just do it for you! Maybe do it every other day, or just at the weekend, or just in the week, or during “working” hours…because it’s important to feel like you again.

Organic Stretch Dungarees

Things that make you go “ooooh!” Now is the perfect time to try something new, such as these Organic Stretch Dunagarees £149

And that’s where Baukjen come in and help (along with the BG20 20% discount that you can use.)  All of the pieces that I’ve featured above have caught my eye because I know that they will put in a spring in your step. They will make you go “Oooh, I love that print!” Or “I’d love to try those – do you think I really can? ” Or “I haven’t worn a dress in the daytime but I love that idea, I’m definitely going to give that a whirl!” Or “Seriously – a blouse with my jeans instead of a plain top?” And the answer is great, yes, fabulous and for sure!

Raffi Blouse

The Raffi Blouse (£99) – possibly my favourite print  in a very long time! There’s a hint of the most beautiful shade of blue, which is way more visible in real life. This perfect with jeans (above), with Baukjen’s cropped palazzos or underneath dungarees. 

Not only that but Baukjen’s packaging is plastic free and biodegradable, plus you can read about the provenance of every piece in the collection on their website AND they’ve consistently given a discount of 40% to key workers.

Eira Dress with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

The gorgeous Eira Dress is brush leopard print (£145) I totally love this dress with the chunky boots but equally it could be worn with slides, chunky sandals, or wedge trainers.

So I’d love you to make those changes because they make YOU feel better – and if you are ready for a few new pick me ups for Spring – have a look at the new season pieces on the Baukjen website for ideas and inspiration.

Anyone else ready for a change?

Lots of love,

Beth x

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