It’s The Jeans Post – Answering Your Jeans Questions!

It’s The Jeans Post

Hello and how are you?

I have a word for you and I’d love to know what thoughts and feelings it conjures up in your mind when you hear it. The word is “jeans”.

Jeans are (unless you’re my Mum, who doesn’t own any!) one of our most worn items of clothing and yet for all of that they can cause us the most problems. Remember when we all wore oversized 501s cinched in at the waist with a belt? And then came the arrival of skinny jeans…oh the thought…how “out there” were they at the time?  Yet now they feel somewhat dated and people are looking to move away from them. It’s like a minefield out there.

So I’d love to know…do you feel comfort and joy at the mention of the word “jeans”? Or do you feel frustration and despair? Do you feel a physical tightness around your tummy or do you feel something sliding down in an irritating way, which you have to keep reaching to pull up?

Last week I held an insta live all about jeans. During the week I compiled the questions that came my way and on Friday I answered them in a live video setting. We talked about jeans and their composition, different styles and where to shop if you’re petite, or tall. We looked at what you might want from your jeans if you’re a certain shape, or if you have a “pancake bum” (not my words!) and whether to spend or save on them. We covered all of that and so much more besides!

If you’ve got a little time to spare, you might like to watch the insta live, which you can see by clicking HERE.

And to help with the confusion surrounding different styles of jeans, there’s an infographic below which might just help to clear things up for you and to make it easier when it’s time to add some more jeans to your wardrobe.


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