Christmas With Baukjen – Sparkles, Stars and Gold!

Baukjen Arna Dress

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Wearing the Arna Dress From Baukjen: use the code BG20 at checkout to get a 20% discount or rent it for just £28 here

Christmas! It’s not that long until it’s here yet in some ways it almost seems unbelievable that it’s almost upon us. I could have sworn that it was still March!

For sure it will be different.

Some may feel less inclined to celebrate. Others may feel that without the usual rounds of nights out with friends, parties and fun activities, it’s not really worth making a huge effort. But then again others are craving variety. I know that I’m ready for something to make this time of year feel DIFFERENT to the rest of the year. And Christmas definitely gives us an opportunity to create those feelings of excitement, in a way which feels right for us and our families.

One way that we can achieve this is through our clothes. Waking up and wearing something different from our everyday “go-tos” can have such a huge impact on our mood and our excitement levels, which is why subtle sparkles, stars and leather will be the way forward here at No 5 this year.

As part of my monthly collaboration with Baukjen, I am fortunate enough to be able to choose a few pieces to style. Being a fan of  jumpsuits, as well as navy and sparkle, I have chosen pieces that I can style up for Christmas but equally, which I know will see a lot of wear throughout the year – longevity is key. Some pieces are slightly more “everyday” whilst others are a little more “dressy”. But you know me, I love a good “dress up/dress down” scenario so all of the pieces will see plenty of action this Christmas.


The Emory Lyocell Jumpsuit is such a perfect piece to style in so many ways. I mean you know the drill about heels to trainers and layering something underneath (see below!) to blazers – but the key thing that I wanted to highlight about this jumpsuit is its fabric and its fit.  A lot of jumpsuits are too short in the body, or too loose over the bum, or too tight in the thighs. And of course we’re all a different shape but compared to the many that I have tried on over the years, this one does a great job of being both stylish and comfortable.

So moving on!

The Lorelle Top was a hands down winner from the moment I saw it. I wear turtle necks for layering at least 3 or 4 times a week and so this turtleneck – with the addition of stars – had my name written all over it. It’s made of Baukjen’s 95% viscose 5% elastane dream team combination and it has a little ruching over the tummy area, which just gives that little bit of disguise where it’s needed most.

So far I’ve layered the Lorelle top underneath dungarees as well as underneath a midi length dress and the Emory jumpsuit. I’ve worn it with jeans, jogger style pants and for a dressier look,  with the Sacha leather trousers which are the most comfortable (and flattering) leather trousers that I’ve come across. I’ve linked to the reviews here  just so that you can check out what other people are saying about them too!

The Lorelle top from Baukjen is such a “wardrobe workhorse”; it’s pretty, practical, can be worn as layer, or alone. It ticks my boxes!

The other item that I fell in love with in an instant (it happens all the time when it comes to Baukjen clothes!) was the Arna Dress.

Although it’s sparkly I can vouch that there isn’t even the merest hint of an itch and as you can see from the photos of me wearing it, it has a good length plus it’s super soft.  An asymmetric neckline can be way more versatile than it first appears too. I quite often layer a turtleneck underneath dresses with this type of neckline (hello Lorelle top) or layer a knit over the top to turn it into a skirt and wear it with a pair of knee high suede boots for a more of an “everyday” type look.

If you haven’t checked out Baukjen before, do go and take a peek. As a brand they are truly innovative when it comes to sustainability,  sourcing their fabrics and caring for their workers. Not only do they offer full transparency when it comes to the provenance of their clothing but for Black Friday they made donations to charity. And they are offering 30% off full priced items to key workers and 10% off sale pieces. All you have to do is to email a photograph of your ID card and they will send a code to be used at the checkout. And of course you can get a 20% discount with the code BG20.

As my Father-in-law says:

“You can’t say fairer than that Beth. You can’t say fairer than that.”

Wishing you a peaceful and calm run up to Christmas, however it may look this year. I really hope that it involves a little sparkle or a star or two, somewhere along the way!

Beth x



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