“Get Me Out Of My Gym Gear” – Free Workshop


Hello! How are you all? 😊

I think it’s fair to say that there are some potentially tricky times ahead but we’ve been here before and one thing I learned last time we were in lockdown was the power of community.

Clapping for the NHS became a weekly highlight, as did snatched conversations with friends who stood at the end of the drive whilst I stood with a broom in hand, sweeping. Weekly Zoom calls with family were looked forward to and I remember having a lovely chat in the Waitrose queue with a friend I hadn’t seen for years.

Which made me think that it would be nice to do something with this lovely community too. And, after posting some stories on Instagram asking people what they most wanted help with when it came to their clothes, I ended up with a google doc that was about 15 pages long. And so I decided to run a free workshop called:

“Get Me Out Of My Gym Gear”

(because that was a REALLY common theme that came through!!!) BUT that’s not all I’ll be talking about. Nope! We’ll be looking at how to update and refresh your outfits, how to be stylish whilst staying in, how to create new outfits out of what you already have and 101 other things – making these workshops all about community too.

The workshops will run on Instagram Live from Monday 9th – Wednesday 11th November at 10am and they will last for one hour. BUT if you can’t make it, or if you have to go early, or if you’re not on Instagram – don’t worry because if you sign up, I will send you a replay.

If you sign up you will also be entered into a prize draw that you don’t want to miss out on!

Just click here to sign up for my “Get Me Out Of My Gym Gear!” workshop.  And remember, I will send you reminders so that you don’t miss out, as well as the replays if you’re not able to catch them live…ooh and the giveaways. Don’t forget the giveaways!

I hope to see you there and in the meantime, lots of love and luck in locking down again.



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