Work From Home In Style With Baukjen

Work From Home In Style With Baukjen

This post contains Affiliate links. I am currently working with Baukjen on a 6 month tenancy collaboration. You can get 20% off at Baukjen with the code BG20 by clicking HERE 

New Season Baukjen Outfit:  Alessandra Tencel Blouse (£99) & Cropped Palazzo Trousers (£59)

We’ve reached that time of year again. The leaves are starting to fall, the mornings are getting chillier and our thoughts are turning away from pretty summer dresses and towards warmer pieces.

I have three main this thoughts this year when it comes to clothes:

  • First, I fear that it’s going to be a LONG winter, so whilst there’s definitely a need for a little extra warmth right now, I don’t want to go rushing head long into “full on” winter outfits before all the apples have fallen off the trees because come November, I’ll have exhausted all my outfit options! So I’m going to be looking at layering and tweaking for a while;
  • Secondly, because a lot of the winter will be spent working from home, my need for fancy pants outfits will be limited and instead I’ll be concentrating on comfortable, stylish, outfits which means soft fabrics with stretch and elasticated waistbands;
  • Thirdly, environmental issues are even more significant now, so I’m really mindful of what I choose to bring into the house.

Below I’ve chosen some of my favourite pieces from Baukjen’s current collection. I can see these working really hard for me both now and further into the winter. So here goes with my selection…

First off, I’m a sucker for a blouse with a pussy bow. And I’ve always loved this dusky pink colour.

This blouse is ethically made and sustainably sourced. All Baukjen products come with a list of sustainable attributes on the website, so you can check that these fit with your own values.

This blouse is great to wear now on it’s own but when it gets chillier there will be a vest or two layered underneath it and a chunky knit layered over the top. It still offers me that little bit of “pretty” that I like in an outfit though.


Alessandra Tencel™ Blouse9

Alessandra Tencel Blouse (£99)

I also chose these cropped palazzo trousers, which are made from Ecovero jersey fabric. They are super soft with an elasticated waist band and can be styled with a prettier blouse, as above, or with a hoodie as shown here. When it gets colder, I’ll be wearing fleece lined footless tights under them to keep me warm.

These palazzos are also available in black and come in a full length style – if that’s something you prefer.

Cropped Ecovero™ Palazzo Trouser

Cropped Ecovero Palazzo Pants (£59) 

If we’re spending a lot of time at home, I think it can be so easy to slide into a state of grabbing something from the floordrobe, or staying in exercise gear all day…which is fine, if it makes you happy. But often it doesn’t.

I find that a top with just a little detail gives me all that I need to make me feel slightly more “put together”. This definitely impacts on my mood and how “in the zone” I feel when it comes to work. And this year it’s alllll about the sleeves!

Halina Ecovero™ Top

Halina Ecovero top (£59)

A puff sleeve and a turtleneck are a brilliant combination for a winter jumper. They offer something more than a round crew neck jumper but without being OTT.  And with grey such a big story this year – as it has been now for so many winters – it’s going to work hard for a long time to come.

This jumper will be fab with pretty much any conceivable pair of trousers – jersey pants, jeans, smarter wool trousers and culottes, not to mention maxi skirts and over dresses, to turn them in to skirts.

Shannon Jumper

Shannon Jumper (£109)

So how do you feel about these organic flared jeans? Yay or nay? And how come a style that once looked so dated, can suddenly look fresh again? I guess that’s the fickle nature of fashion for you! Thing is, there’s no denying that this style of jean does a great job of balancing our shape. I am dying to try these – definitely with trainers and chunky boots too.

Sofie Organic Jean

Sofie Organic Jean (£99)

I love a side stripe pant for the leg lengthening capabilities. They somehow feel smart but their soft jersey fabric will make them super comfortable for around the house. And if you’re not a fan of skinnies, or if you like a wide style but don’t want anything too formal, these are a great alternative. The trio of colours in the stripe will also make it easy to ring the changes on your top half, offering different outfit combinations – or keep it simple and stick with a neutral, such as white, cream, grey or navy top.

Columba Pant

Columba Pant (£89)

The neath pants are a great all rounder. In terms of style they sit between skinny and wide leg so they offer huge versatility. I love them with a roll neck and a leather jacket for casual look but they also work well with a fitted knit or pretty blouse.

Neath Ecovero™ Pant

Neath Ecovero Pant (£59)

And lastly, but by no means least, if you haven’t yet tried a jumpsuit this autumn/winter could be the time to do so. They are so comfortable for when you’re at home and can be dressed up or down, and layered up or down, as needed.

The style and detailing on this jumpsuit makes it really flattering. Having said that, a jumpsuit has to work really hard in so many ways – length in the body, length in the leg, fit around the bum, overall shape – so there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to jumpsuits. The best advice is to just order one, try it and see how you get on.


Emory Lyocell Jumpsuit

Emory Lyocell Jumpsuit (£159)

There are so many more great pieces that Baukjen has to offer and I’ll be looking at some from a different angle in a few weeks. If you haven’t tried Baukjen before, and would like to do so, don’t forget to get your 20% discount by using the code BG20 at the checkout. If you’re looking for some hard working staples, I would suggest ordering a few pieces and see how you get on.

Much love,



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