“Style Your Shape” – My Much Loved E-Book!

Style Your Shape E-book!

Hello and how are you?

I wanted to make sure that you knew about my e-book, which will really help you to understand how to style your shape.  It’s called “Style Your Shape – A Stress Free Guide To Knowing What To Buy & What To Leave Behind” it costs £7.50, and it’s proved really popular with readers.

The idea came to me as a result of all of the questions that I was being asked each week by ladies about which shape clothes they “should” or “shouldn’t” wear – and I kind of felt that people were in a bit of a pickle. They felt bound by a rigid set of rules which were hard to grasp and difficult to navigate. And there was quite a lot of anxiety surrounding whether they had got it “right” or not, which can have a really negative impact on our confidence.

Whilst it’s true that there are some shapes of clothing that will be more flattering for you to wear than others (and there are in depth guides on these, along with pictures, in the e-book) there are also MANY general principles that apply whatever your shape. There are also simple tweaks and techniques that can be used which make things which you thought were “unwearable” suddenly very wearable. And I think that is the book’s secret sauce!

My approach to styling is that there are no rules. We are all uniquely different. To me it’s more about using principles and techniques and adopting what works for you and leaving the rest behind. And it was important that in the book I de-mystified everything that was puzzling people.

My “Style Your Shape” e-book is delivered via a link in an email, meaning that you can read it instantly on your phone, ipad or laptop. There’s no heavy book to lug around and no waiting for the postman. It’s there immediately so that you can dive in straight away and put what I teach into practice immediately. And of course if you would prefer to print it, that is also an option.

I have been genuinely touched by the comments that I have received from readers about the book such as:

“I got your “Style Your Shape” ebook last night and started to read it! Am already loving it, just want to take my time and read it properly. It’s fab, packed with information and  advice…definitely a go to and something I think I’m going to refer to a lot. Many thanks!” Nicky 

“I love your new e-book. Thanks for all the hot styling tips.” Kate

“I loved the ebook and went and did a wardrobe edit right there and then! I’ve ordered a couple of new tops so we’ll see how they fit into the new look.” Lucy

If you think that it would be useful for you to have a copy of my “Style Your Shape” e-book in your life, THEN JUST CLICK HERE and it will be with you in a jiffy! Oh and if you do go ahead and get a copy, I’d love to know what you think!

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