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Baukjen broderie anglais Orson Dress  – a fabulous dress for a hot day!

Hello everyone how are you? I hope that you have been enjoying this lovely, sunny, weather.

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to write about brands because there’s always the danger that people might think to themselves “Oh she’s only writing nice things about them because she’s been paid to.” And it’s true. I have been working with Baukjen over the past few years and as part of that, I have been gifted clothes, as well as being paid to write blog posts.

But my relationship with Baukjen goes so much deeper than that.

Only last night, I was scrolling back through my phone and I found that the first shots I did with Baukjen were back in 2016.  I remember that years before that, I used to flick through their brochure that landed on our doormat and wonder how good their clothes were and whether they were worth the money….in much the same way that, as an 18 year old, it was my dream to buy all my clothes from Next.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have been gifted some truly beautiful pieces from Baukjen. And in this post I’m going to share with you some of my favourites both from a personal perspective and also from the perspective of why I think they do such a great job.

I say to all my clients, and to all my students in my digital styling course, that it is important to commit our funds to the right pieces. For some people that will be things that will be incredible basics and which they wear day after day, making the cost per wear low. For others it will be pieces that do an incredible job for them in terms of fit and comfort and for others it will be “one-off” treats.

We all know that there are 100s of brands out there and it’s important to make sure that we are committing our money, and our loyalty to the brands that truly deserve it. Because not all of them do!

So here’s my run through of where I stand on the different pieces that fall into those particular boxes.

An Everyday Basic – The Jersey Blouse

Eleanor Tie Blouse

One of my favourite pieces is the Eleanor Tie Blouse (£47 in the sale) which Baukjen re-work every year in different colours or prints. This is the caramel one but it also comes in white, navy and black. And for the upcoming season, it comes in the print below. Now in fact this is called the Juliana Ecovera blouse but it’s the same fit as the Eleanor.

What makes it so good?

Its style and versatility. It goes with everything from jeans, to midi skirts, to a suit – and everything in between. It’s the perfect top for when you want to look like you’ve made an effort but you still want something that’s comfortable and practical. This is a definite go-to top for me for pretty much any occasion as, with its pussy bow and bishop sleeves, it hits exactly the right spot between style and comfort.

One of my biggest style tips to clients and students is to dress so that you feel as though you’re wearing a onesie, whilst looking the best dressed person in the room.  And this top ticks that box big time!

The fabric. the new style Julian blouse is made from Lenzing EcoVero which is basically a renewable and sustainable type of viscose, the production of which uses 50% fewer emissions and water than generic viscose fabrics, meaning that it has a lower environmental impact. The combination of Lenzing EcoVero and 5% stretch makes it super comfortable too.

They do such a good job! – The boyfriend jeans 

We all know that jeans can be tricky blighters but I am a huge fan of the Baukjen boyfriend jeans. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to Natalie, Baukjen’s designer, and whenever I see her to view a new collection I ask a million questions as I’m genuinely interested in the design process.

And here’s the thing. Natalie is “our” age. She gets what we want from our clothes, such as where a waistband should sit, how a garment should feel, what fabric composition works, how to get just the right amount of slouch and where on the leg the hem should finish. And I feel that Baukjen’s jeans, particularly the boyfriend jeans, get it just right.

Boyfriend Jean

I suspect that this lovely model is way taller than I am because at 5 ft 6″ mine aren’t quite as short as these. These jeans have a great composition of 96.5% cotton and 3.5% elastane, allowing for just the right amount of softness, stretch and comfort.

I have several pairs of Baukjen trousers, including the Oralie Cargo Pant which comes in navy and dark khaki I love the way that they sit – there’s no hoiking up every five minutes and no cutting me in  half, plus if I expand slightly as the day goes on, the stretch in them can accommodate that too!

The Treat Purchase – the Leather Trousers

Perhaps you have coveted a pair of leather trousers for years. All I can say is, as part of your research, try the Baukjen styles. They have several styles from leggings, to kick flares and wider legs. And the reviews are always so positive. They are often along the lines of “I’ve been wanting a pair of leather trousers for years, I wasn’t sure if these would be worth it but I’ve fallen in love with these and I’m saving up for another pair.” Customers are a savvy bunch, so it’s always worth reading the reviews closely for the true low down.

Sacha Trousers

These are the Sacha trousers and they are made of the softest leather I’ve every come across. I now understand what “buttery soft” means when it comes to leather!

The Wardrobe Elevator – A Jersey Blazer

I really believe that all wardrobes need just a few pieces which elevate them into something a little more special. It could be the addition of a leather jacket, or a great pair of heels, or something which offers structure and style and which takes the everyday into something slightly more “put together.” For this, a blazer is perfect.

Tyra Blazer

I particularly like this Tyra Blazer because it is made of ponte, making it soft but adding a smarter touch at the same time (this goes back to my “onesie” philosophy!) Don’t worry if white isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other blazer styles here.

It’s single breasted, so it works well for most shapes, has a little shape at the waist, which is again flattering and can be worn for work or with jeans, making it so versatile. Which brings me back to my cost per wear point….see the themes coming through here?!

An injection of new season – The versatile skirt

Injecting a little “new season” can suddenly give a new lease of life to some of your existing wardrobe items. This Annabelle skirt is one of those pieces. It can be styled with vests, Ts, a utility jacket or a lightweight knit for now and then later in the summer and into the autumn, with slouchy boots and a chunkier knit.

Annabelle Polka Dot Skirt

There are some new season pieces that tick more than one box, such as this Kara Leather Jacket which is both new season, a wardrobe elevator and a treat purchase all wrapped up into one.

Kara Leather Jacket

Or something like this Lily top, (which comes in black or white) and which will be great with jeans, shorts or linen trousers and which might be one of those “Oooh I’ve always wanted to wear a top like that but I’ve never dared try one of those before and this looks just the right style” purchases, which always put a spring in your step.

Lily Top

My best advice, if you’re not sure – is to order things and try them. Try them in the comfort of your own home, with your own accessories, under your own lighting and in your own time. And then see how you feel. Don’t forget that you can get 20% off with the code BG20 at the checkout.

Oooh and before I head off, quick announcement but this Pippa dress has just come back into stock again in a few sizes. If you’re tempted, be quick – it flies out of the door. Head over to  my Instagram page here if you would like to see how it looks on me. I would love you to come and say hi!

Pippa Dress

I feel that Baukjen understand us well. They have great environmental policies, they are run by women for women (well, apart from Baukjen’s husband!) and they have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to diversity in the models that they use, both in terms of ethnicity and age. And as a near 50 year old, I like to see myself represented in the brands that I am buying from and working with.

Have a lovely weekend. The weather isn’t looking great for the week ahead – but we can try and keep our spirits high.

Beth x

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