Wearing Trousers In Your Houses – A Style Guide


Hello lovely people, how are you? I hope that you are keeping well and managing to keep positive of mind, spirit and body during these funny old times that we’re living in.

Don’t you find that the longer you’re in the house, the more you notice the dusty nooks and crannies? And the more time you put in to cleaning them, the more you notice when they’re getting dirty again? It’s a vicious cycle!

So instead, I’ve been busying myself with creating Part 2 of my “Invigorate Whilst You Isolate” Style Series. You may have already come across Part 1, which is called “Let’s Frock It Up In Lockdown”. I loved creating this guide for you as it’s just the kind of thing that I  find handy to have myself.  I know that lots of you have found the video, the outfit formulas and the wardrobe checklist, useful.

However, if dresses aren’t your thing – or if like me you like to mix things up a little – then you might like to download Part 2 of the Style Series, which is called “Wearing Trousers In Your Houses!”

This guide  follows the same format as “Let’s Frock It Up In Lockdown” with 5 outfit formulas, a video and the wardrobe checklist. It includes different styles of trousers which are comfortable (I hate a tight waistband!) and practical, yet stylish, for when you’re working from home/home schooling/cooking/cleaning and so on. There are also suggestions on how to style the trousers.

You can just click HERE to get your copy of “Wearing Trousers In Your Houses”!

I really hope that you enjoy this guide. Have a fabulous weekend, enjoy the VE Celebrations and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

PS If you’ve whizzed down this far, it might be easier for you to get your guide HERE!

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