“Stay At Home Chic” – Dressing For The Way We Are Living



Hello lovely people. How are you all this week?

Isn’t it odd how the same situation can bring about such differing experiences for different people?

For some, life has slowed down and they’re at last getting a chance to experience more time at home with loved ones. For others, life has got crazier than usual and they’re  spending way less time at home and seeing less of their loved ones.

Some people’s health is benefitting due to the current situation, with more exercise and a conscious effort to stay healthy,  whilst for others, their health is suffering – sometimes with disasterous consequences. We’re all in this together…and yet somehow we’re not. I wonder how we will look back on this time in our lives in a few months or years?

Like many, I’m just trying to do what I can where I can. For anyone who would like to pop along, I host a daily insta live at 12.30 pm. It’s just a chat about daily life, a place to share things that I think might be of interest and a place to express thoughts.

I’ve also written a new guide called STAY AT HOME CHIC the aim of which is to give you ideas on what to wear now that we are SAH all of the time (Zoom Chic is a thing you know!) along with ways to bring structure to your day and suggestions on how to keep your spirits up. There are also ideas for community as well as a list of my favourite small brands who rely on loyal customers – just in case you fancy treating yourself.

Just CLICK ON THIS LINK to receive your copy of  Stay At Home Chic  and if you have any thoughts or ideas about it, please just email me on mail@bethgoodrham.com

Keep safe and until next time, lots of love.

Beth x

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