Your Style Solution: Why Now Is A Good Time To Invest In Yourself


Hello! How are you all?

I know that life is more than a little unsettling at the moment, what with exams being cancelled and uncertainty about jobs and health. And ALL of these are hugely valid reasons for feeling…well…a little out of sorts.

But now, more than ever, especially if you have a little time to yourself (and maybe even more so if not) is a good opportunity to take care of , and invest time in, yourself.

Joe Wicks is going live every morning at 9 am to keep the Nation’s children healthy (I will be there too!) I would also love to revisit my ballet days and find some barre workouts to do. There are corners of our house that haven’t seen a duster in years which will be tackled and there are rooms of doom to be sorted. Given the lack of meat or fish on the shelves in our supermarkets, I suspect that we may be heading towards a vegetarian diet, so there’s that to explore. Oh and there are the crocs to be taken to the local hospital for the Doctors there who so desperately need them.

But every day, whether we’re working from home, caring for children or elderly people from home, or just BEING at home, we need to get dressed.

And whilst some of you may feel that this is the wrong time to discuss this, the women who I have had in depth conversations with over the last few months have told me that:

  • Over the years they have watched themselves veer away from their femininity and that their clothes have moved to being comfortable, and practical, rather being than something that they love
  • They feel that their clothes are lacking in inspiration
  • They find it hard to know what to wear for their shape and height
  • They’re not quite sure of “the rules of the game” now that they have reached a certain age and they’re worried about looking like mutton dressed as lamb
  • They haven’t ever REALLY defined their own sense of style
  • They feel like part of them has “gone” and that their younger individual, or rebel, streak has disappeared
  • Their changing shape is throwing up new challenges which they’re not sure how to cope with

And none of this makes us feel great…particularly now, when life is testing and uncertain.

 No-one likes to admit to these things because we feel that, by now, we really should have got it sussed. I mean, how hard can it be? Yet at the same time, where do we start?

Well that can change right now (if you want it to and if you feel that the timing is right)

It’s time to put a spotlight on the biggest issues that you face and to fix them, once and for all.

So why do so many women feel like this?

  • It’s not because of a lack of “innate” style (you know, the innate style that your best friend has) that’s a myth, it’s taken her a long time to get that sussed!
  • It’s not because of a lack of money (we ALL know that money doesn’t buy style)
  • It’s not because of a lack of effort (heck! You know how much time, effort and money you’ve put into trying to get all of this sussed)

It’s actually much more simple and fixable than that.

It’s because most women are lacking in confidence.  They just haven’t been shown HOW to identify the EXACT pieces which suit their needs, which best reflect their personality and which make the most of their shape. That’s all!

As women with careers, family and a million and one other things to take care of, we’re just too busy to devote much time to ourselves. And if we do suddenly find ourselves with time on our hands (perhaps our children have left home, perhaps we go part time, or retire) then where do we even start? Especially when most of the brands out there are aimed at 25 year olds?!

 As people were widely commenting in an online Masterclass that I held earlier in the week, how you feel about your clothes is soooo important. It impacts on every aspect of your life. And when things aren’t working, we just don’t feel great.

And so I wanted to introduce you to my brand new online styling course  “Your Style Solution” 


Your Style Solution isn’t so much of a “one size fits all, online styling course” (like a prescriptive Magazine Article of “must have” items which doesn’t really apply to anyone) as it is a Personalised Style Plan, designed to improve your confidence, define your style, identify your body shape and create the ultimate wardrobe so that you feel confident in every situation.

Your Style Solution is a complete, personalised, style implementation plan. It takes nothing for granted and goes into meticulous, step-by-step detail from start to finish.

It leaves nothing out and nothing to chance.

So that’s the opportunity that I would love you to seize right now (if you think that it’s right for you).

To FINALLY build the Wardrobe that works perfectly for you. To have the confidence to choose pieces that you love AND to wear them, knowing that they work for you.


If you feel that the time is right for you, let’s start working together,

Beth x

PS Not only that but  with Your Style Solution, you get access to a private, members’ only Facebook Group for community and support PLUS weekly Facebook Live Q&A with me (which given that I will be around A LOT more than usual, may well take place more than once a week!)

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