Your Handy Guide To Sustainable Shopping!

A couple of weeks ago, I started to do a little research into individual brands’ sustainability policies. I was particularly concerned with High Street brands such as Zara, H&M, Topshop and M&S, all of which I frequent. I then started to look at brands who prided themselves on their sustainability, as well as brands who made garments which are generally known for their lack of eco credentials. This led on to looking at ways of recycling or hiring clothes, as well as ways of selling and buying pre-loved clothes.   The more I started to read and research, the more I discovered and so, the  “Guide To Sustainable Shopping” was born!

In this new 11 page guide, I’ve covered everything from policies of brands and promises they’ve made, to initiatives that they’ve signed up to. I also look at brands by category – so there’s a section on underwear, swimwear,  sportswear, shoes and even cycle helmets!

Simply CLICK ON THIS LINK, pop in your details and you will be able to download my Guide to Sustainable Shopping instantly. I really hope that you find it useful when it comes to making choices about where to source, sell, swap and recycle your clothes.

Much love,

Beth x

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