A little light at the end of the tunnel (with Your Style Solution)

Hello my friends,

We were a little late catching up with the rest of the world but – for the safety of those who need it most – we are well and truly in lock down.

In these uncertain times it might be hard to resist the whispers that are going around in our heads. I know that this is an unsettling time and we are allowed to feel that way.

But you may now also be blessed with a little extra time in your life…so what if you felt a little scared AND you allowed yourself to dream  into what the future might look like for you?

For those of you with time on your hands, and who need to keep busy, this could be your opportunity for growth and expansion. Will this time, this slowing down, actually give you the time to do what you have been craving for years? Creating more connection with yourself and those around you, allowing time to develop new interests, or re-visit ones which you loved but which you had to give up due to lack of time?

I am here to support you however I can – through daily Insta Lives, IGTVs, weekly blog posts and newsletters, and for those who would like to work more closely with me, in my styling programme, Your Style Solution.

Having attended live, or having watched the Capsule Wardrobe Masterclass replay, you may be on the fence and wondering whether you are right for Your Style Solution and whether it is right for you (if you haven’t watched it already, you can do so HERE)


So, I wanted to see if I could help you to decide which way to jump!

But before I start, I just wanted to let you know that I am ALL ears, so if there is something that I haven’t thought of, but which is on your mind, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Is Your Style Solution right for me?

You may remember that during the Capsule Wardrobe Masterclass, I told you how I had worked with hundreds of clients aged 12 to 96 and size 6 to 32. But I really want to make sure that YSS is right FOR YOU!

Before creating YSS I spoke to lots of friends and clients in depth about what they would want in a digital styling programme and I have created it with these women in mind. Busy women, just like you and just like me, who are facing changes as we get older with knowing what suits us, with where to shop, with our changing shape and with what might be considered “age appropriate”.

You already have the details about the Modules, the lessons and the supporting materials. But who is Your Style Solution REALLY for and is it right FOR YOU?

In a nutshell,

“YSS will take you from feeling bored with your Wardrobe, unsure of what to buy and feeling like you have lost sight of yourself, to creating an organised, co-ordinated and stylish wardrobe full of pieces that you love, which serves your needs and which you can add to with ease leaving you feeling confident, stress free and with time available to live your life.”

  • It is for women who want more than a quick fix. For women who have struggled with their style, or who perhaps have never quite developed their own sense of style;
  • It is for women who find their clothes repetitive, or who dread getting ready to go out for an event, or who find the shops overwhelming;
  • It is for women who lack the confidence to choose, and wear, the things that they love – whether through concern of what others might say, or fear of wondering whether pieces are “age appropriate” for them;
  • It is for women who want to really understand how to make the most of their shape, or to establish what, exactly, they need to include in their wardrobe;
  • It is for women who want to get to grips with accessorising, print and colour, textures, proportions and interesting juxtapositions;
  • It is for women who want the support of a community and who are interested in committing some time to dig deep so that they can learn how to style themselves.

Your Wardrobe is the foundation of who you are and people in “our” age group just can’t find that.

It is important to me that we can all express ourselves through our clothes and to have fun with them, particularly as we get older. And YSS offers that step by step process to discover your style, or re-write the rules of what it means to dress, when you are over a certain age.

I don’t want anyone to feel self-conscious or to hide away. This is a process of self-discovery and I would love you to come in this journey with me.

Are you ready to join me in Your Style Solution? If so YOU CAN JOIN ME HERE . The doors are only open until Tuesday 31st March and I would LOVE to see you in the programme.

Until then, take lots of care.

Beth x

PS I offer a payment plan to join the programme and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee so if, within 30 days of enrolling you’re not happy and you show me the work that you have done, I will happily give you a refund. No questions asked!


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