The 1970 Glitter Tee – in collaboration with Rose & Rock


The 1970 Black Glitter Tee (but you can have any year on the front!) designed in collaboration with Rose & Rock, costs £26 and is available HERE

Like a lot of you, I am heading towards my 50th birthday. I just may reach it a little sooner than some of you – but you know, it’s good to pave the way!

Birthdays can be funny things can’t they? I don’t think that any of us have got away without one of our children, nieces, nephews or godchildren, having a massive melt down on their birthday due to overexcitement, overwhelm or the reality not living up to the expectation. I’m not sure that it changes that much when we get older. I think that maybe we’re just better at hiding it!

Knowing that I had a lot of friends who were reaching 50 this year, as well as knowing people on Instagram who were also reaching 50, I wanted to create something tangible that I could share with them and which they too could enjoy, and use, to celebrate the event. So I came up with the original and revolutionary idea (!) of designing a tee. I know, how crazy is that?! I wanted the design to reflect my 1970 birth year, as well as being able to be personalised. It also needed to have sparkle on it – and stars – and I wanted to include my birthday.  Luckily my Mum timed my birth really well and by being born on 24th July, I have the birthdate of 24/7.

I first came across Sarah and Helena at Rose & Rock when they bought my Instagram with Intention course last year. They have an online boutique and like me, love all things star and sparkle related, so I approached them to see whether they might be interested in collaborating with me. After sending some very scrappy sketches through, Sarah and Helena came up with a design which I love, on a tee that can be worn any day of the week, at any time of day – and so the “1970 Glitter tee” was born.

I love the drape of this tee, which has a slightly longer hem at the back than at the front. I also felt that its style was a little less casual than a classic tee, but at the same time it could be worn all day, every day. I can see it being worn with jeans, and trainers or sandals, in the day, in the evening with a blazer and heels, with a midi skirt (pleated, pleather or silky); with loungewear, on the beach with shorts, or over a swimsuit, to go to an exercise class in….or to bed!

The great thing is that because Sarah and Helena hand print the tees themselves, they can be personalised with any year of birth on the front, and any birth date, on the back. So far requests have come through for 1968, 1969, 1971 and 1972. They currently come in black with rose gold, silver, or gold glitter. I’m going to be stocking up on them for a girls’ weekend away in the summer. and we’ve discussed printing hoodies too, so that’s always an option if you like the idea of a hoodie instead of a tee.

If you fancy owning a tee yourself, or if you think that it would make a great gift for a friend – or in my case, 21 year old daughter –  they cost £26 and can be ordered from Rose and Rock by clicking HERE

I’d love to know if you order a tee.  If you’re on Instagram and you want to share it on your stories, make sure to tag me @bethgoodrham_stylist and Sarah and Helena @roseandrockuk and we’ll both share it on our stories. I’d love it if you used the hashtag #the24/7tee!

Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you again soon!

Beth x





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