An Outfit Guide & Planner – My Christmas present to you!




As a “Thank You” for reading Style Guile for another year, I wanted to give you a little Christmas present.

I know (because you tell me) how tricky outfit planning can be over the Festive season and so I’ve created an “Outfit Guide & Planner” just for you!

It starts by asking a series of questions so that you can narrow down your options for outfits, along with what you might need to source and how you’re going to go about doing it, in order to complete your outfit.  It finishes with an Outfit Planner so that you can make a note of your outfits in advance of any upcoming events. There’s nothing worse than standing in front of the wardrobe, dripping wet having just come out of the shower, not knowing what you’re going to wear. This way you will have your outfits well and truly sussed!

To access the Outfit Guide and Planner just click HERE pop in your details and it will be delivered to your inbox. I hope that it makes planning your Christmas outfits a whole lot easier. We can be so busy at this time of year, thinking about others and doing all the million and one jobs that need doing, that we often forget to prioritise things that are important to us. I know for a fact that I’m much happier and a lot easier to live with if I like what I’m wearing and if I’ve had some time to think about it. Plus it may help you to create some new outfit combinations or to re-work some existing pieces in your wardrobe.

I’m about to fill mine in now, ready for tomorrow’s next Style Video which is called “The 5 Outfits of Christmas.” I’ll let you know when it’s live and in the meantime, have a fabulous run up to Christmas. Oh and if you’d like to get a copy of the guide, just click HERE


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