Which Style Personality are you? Take my celeb style personality quiz & find out!

Style Personality Quiz

Hello and how are you? I hope that you’ve had a great week!

Have you ever wondered why some outfits feel great on you, whilst others just don’t work at all and feel all wrong? Well that’s quite probably down to your Style Personality.

You see we all have an innate Style Personality. It’s not fixed or rigid and it can definitely develop and grow over time.  It will also comprise many different Style Personalities – but one of them will be dominant.

The problem is that the shops and the media bombard us with a million different looks. This can cause overwhelm and confusion and if we’re not confident as to what our style is, we can easily end up with a wardrobe of clothes which is lacking in cohesion and which frankly, is better suited to someone else. Even worse, the overwhelm can cause “analysis paralysis” leaving us buying the same few pieces (but in several different colour ways!) over and over again.

I like to think that once you’re aware of your Style Personality it will help you to become a ninja shopper. On arriving in a store you will be able to flick through rails of clothing and go “Nope, nope, nope, nope, YES!” Or it will enable you to think “Well that’s not what I would usually go for – I am an “X” Style Personality and this would really appeal to a “Y” Style Personality – but I love it and I’m going to embrace it.”

I like to work with 6 Style Personalities in particular – the Natural, Chic, Romantic, Dramatic, Creative and Classic and if you would like to find out which one you are, you can take my CELEBRITY STYLE PERSONALITY QUIZ HERE

Your results will be delivered direct to you, along with an image of the Celebrity whose Style you most closely resemble. You will also get some more information on what this means for you, which I hope you will find super helpful. So who are you most like – Jen, Kate, Fearne, Holly, Gwen or Victoria?


…and let me know how you get on! Have a fabulous weekend and see you next week. Beth xx


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