Beauty advent calendars – the gift that keeps on giving

I think that the motto of this blog post is: If I’m going to write about Beauty Advent Calendars I need to do  it in early October! Sooo many of them have sold out, which shows just how popular beauty advent calendars really are now. I should also apologise for the upcoming font changes in this blog post – it all looks fine in the back end so I’ve no idea why it’s playing up. Apologies!

What really appeals about beauty advent calendars is the joy of a little gift each day in the run up to Christmas.  Quite often it’s the little, unexpected joys in the every day, that can bring us such happiness, such as when….oh I don’t know….one of your children unloads the dishwasher or something (although the four hour wait in casualty after you’ve fainted and bashed your head isn’t quite so pleasant.)

In the run up to  my husband’s 40th birthday he was presented with a gift each day from the first of April, up until the 26th of April, which was his actual birthday. The gifts varied from a night away, to a mug, a bottle opener, a meal in a restaurant to some chocolate and my all time favourite – a toilet which we bought via Oxfam. It was fun putting it together and a real treat for him to receive (I think!)

Now I’m definitely a traditional advent calendar kind of girl. Each year my Aunt sends an advent calendar of a nativity scene, complete with glitter, baby Jesus and double doors on the 24th. I wouldn’t thank anyone for a chocolate advent calendar. I have this thing that the chocolate must be at least 6 months old by the time that December arrives – and as one who packed Christmas puddings in July, I know all about these things (I also know how to catch a Christmas pudding in mid flight – but that’s a different story)!

Marks & Spencer

I first came across Beauty Advent Calendars when I worked as an in store stylist with M&S, presenting their Style Events.  When they were launched they sold like hot cakes.  The M&S Beauty Advent Calendar is fabulous value and costs £40 (as long as you spend £25 in store). Sadly it has sold out on line but it’s still in stock in some stores.  One thing that M&S has definitely got right at the moment is its beauty department. It has some great brands so do check this one out.

Charlotte Tilbury

Oh golly I love Charlotte Tilbury products and her Magic Moon Advent Calendar is available at Selfridges (£150). This calendar contains full size and mini make up and beauty products (more make-up than beauty though) but with there being only 12 in total, it means that you can only have one every other day. I think that it would be worth the wait though.

Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals have a beauty Advent Calendar which costs £79 but which is worth £218. On the whole, despite the fact that beauty advent calendars are extortionate compared to a Bob the Builder one from M&S, the cumulative value of the products is way in excess of the price you actually pay. So even if you bought one and then divided the contents between your friends for Christmas presents, you will have definitely made a saving (and no, that doesn’t just mean giving your mates the ones that you don’t like!) 

I love the look of this Bare Minerals one as there are a lot of pinky, golden, youthful glowy, shimmery type things in it which would obviously make me look very youthful!  Selling it well aren’t I?!

John Lewis

The John Lewis Beauty Advent Calendar costs £150 but is worth £255 and contains products from Sisley, Nars, Ren, Dermalogica, Bobbi Brown, Elemis, Laura Mercier – I mean really, it’s all that you could ever want from a Beauty Advent Calendar isn’t it?!


Jo Malone

Jo Malone has the crème de la crème of Advent Calendars with a whopping 24 gifts of candles, body balms, lotions, potions and perfumes to last for years. At £320 it has a hefty price tag but you if you’re receiving one, rather than giving one – well, it doesn’t matter quite so much does it?


The White Company

Oh and the White Company also has a Beauty Advent Calendar which costs £160 and which is valued at £264 and includes candles, foot scrub, shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, sleep mist, body lotion, shower gel, bath foam, body lotion. However for some reason I can’t feature their pictures, which is a shame because it’s very pretty.

Next year I shall try and do a round up of beauty advent calendars BEFORE they all sell out – or before you have to hunt a little harder for them. But I think that they will definitely grow in popularity (and hopefully availablilty) year on year.

Until next time, have a great week and I’ll see you soon.

Beth x


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