A checked blazer is an instant wardrobe update…

It’s always a little bit thrilling to include the odd new piece into our wardrobes here and there and a checked blazer is an instant wardrobe update. Not only that but it’s possible to integrate one seamlessly into your wardrobe. Just team it with pieces that you already own, such as jeans and a white tee, or cropped trousers and plain fine knit, or black cargos and a ribbed turtleneck – and you’re good to go.

True, a checked blazer is hardly a new concept but in some ways that’s good. They’re tried and tested and they will no doubt stay around for many seasons to come, which means that you’re not investing in a “one hit wonder”.  And there’s nothing wrong with admiring things from afar for a while, just to get an idea of how something may work for you, before investing in it. Being “fashionably late” is like being the new “early adopter” – especially when it comes to avoiding making expensive mistakes and buying things that you don’t need, or like, just because everyone else is doing it.

The High Street is awash with many things at the moment – autumnal colours, sequins, satin slip dresses, printed maxis and yes, checked blazers. Here are a few of my favourite picks that I’ve seen on my travels.

The easiest place to start both in terms of style and “check” is a single breasted, fitted blazer in an uncomplicated colour way, such as this Zara Check Blazer (£59.99). I love the way that it’s cinched in here with a gold belt but obviously, if you felt happier leaving the belt off and maybe popping a turtleneck or fine knit underneath, that might be an option that works for you. Check out Marks & Spencer for an alternative here

Moving on to something a little bit different from the traditional “blazer” shape, Marks & Spencer have a tweed longline blazer that’s £89. If a tweed blazer is more your thing, then wearing one in a check may feel a little more in your comfort zone, especially if you feel that a blazer is a little bit too “worky”.

If you fancy investing in something that makes your heart skip a beat – and if green happens to be your thing – this could well have your name on it. It’s the Adele Check Blazer from Hush and it’s £89. That pop of colour just lightens everything up both literally and metaphorically, somehow making it a little more fun and relaxed than some of the more traditional check colourways.

If double breasted and a dollop of oversized is your sort of thing, this Zara blazer (£59.99) may be just the thing that suddenly makes your old jeans and sewaters, fresh again. A houndstooth check is also super traditional so it really won’t date at all. I’m sure that there must be someone with a Jaegar houndstooth blazer from many years ago, that they’re still wearing!

And if you’re after some ideas on how to style your new checked blazer – here we go!

This is an easy look from the Daily Mail  which you could create with pieces from your wardrobe – or variations of them.

Or how about this for a preppy/Parisian look, courtesy of Floryday. 

A similar look could be achieved with a traditional shirt collar, along with some fine, different length, necklaces with it.

And finally, there’s an “athleisure” look, which basically just involves a hoodie under a jacket – but it’s a nice juxtaposition of smart meets casual.

I hope that has given you some ideas on ways to wear checked blazers and ones to take a peek at whilst out and about. Quite often they are paired with jeans, dungarees and trousers but if you fancy heading out in a checked suit, or pairing one with a pleated skirt or a pencil skirt – absolutely go for it!

Oh and if you haven’t yet grabbed your copy of my “How to Work the Shops like a Stylist” download, you can do so here. It just might make your shopping trips a little more productive and fruitful for you.

See you soon.

Beth x


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