Styling a photo shoot with Air & Grace

Styling a photoshoot with Air & Grace

Styling a photoshoot with Air & grace, one of my favourite brands, was a dream come true. For any of you who follow me on Instagram, you will know that I live in Air & Grace trainers. Apart from when I’m running (and apart from one crazy bright pair of trainers from M&S kids) I don’t wear any other brand of trainers. I would feel as though I was cheating on them if I put a pair from a different brand on my feet!

This gorgeous sign greeted us when we arrived at onefoureightlondon the location for Air & Grace’s photo shoot. The house is owned by Lou and her husband and it was HQ for the day whilst we captured shots of 12 pairs of A&G shoes from the new season collection.

There’s a huge amount of prep and organisation that goes into a photoshoot and the “behind the scenes” is always great to witness…as well as the fab food that normally accompanies a shoot. The Lebanese food that we had for lunch on this occasion was no exception!

I’ve loved Air & Grace trainers for years now and I’ve written about Claire’s fabulous business previously here here and here (you could say that I’m a fan!) I probably own more pairs of A&G shoes than I should BUT I wear them all the time, so for someone who likes to stride out and not be inhibited by their footwear, they are worth every penny.

Siobhan was the gorgeous model for the day and here she’s wearing the Cru black star (£169) The Cru trainers are one of my favourite styles and they come in a huge amount of different colourways, which you can see here.

I love the caramel colours in this outfit, which work really well at this time of year. The shops are full of caramels and camels so far this year, which is a refreshing change from grey.

And just how fabulous is this swing? The day that we shot this was actually super hot and poor Siobhan was absolutely baking in this jumper – which I must admit to having my eye on!

Oh my golly just how gorgeous are these starlight boots (£279)? White boots for the winter really started to become a “thing” a couple of seasons ago and I think that we will see more of them this year as well. The starlight boots also come in black, leopard and red metallic  – and they’re EPIC!

I think that the biggest trap that we can fall into when it comes to shoes is playing it really safe and thinking that white boots are too impractical for the winter. But they’re made from the best quality leather and they will clean up really well. I love the idea of these with a long printed dress, or the caramels and camels that I’ve mentioned before – or good old trusty jeans.

So if you haven’t investigated a hi-top before, now might be a fabulous time to do so. The Altos are such a functional style that you can wear through the summer with shorts, midi and maxi skirts and trousers, as well as during the colder months. These are the zebra Altos (don’t you just love that flash of blue?) but there are stacks of other options from black glitter, to leopard print, to white and silver, to silver and black stars.

I think of a hi-top as something that is just a little bit cooler than the norm. A style that gives you a little buzz of “Ooooh, could I do that?” To which the answer of course is yes!

I cannot wait for these Marianne boots to be released later in the season. They are just utterly fabulous! I love that they could be styled in a more classic way, or a really modern way. Here they were styled a with a tulle dress from Zara (£49.99)

This dress would be great to style as a daytime look with a chunky knit over the top (and realistically, tights when it’s really cold) and then hey presto, for the evening, pop it with heels and off you go.

These Cosmic trainers are just THE BEST and I absolutely love them. They come in two other colour ways – gold glitter and rose gold and dotty print. I totally get that they’re not for everyone but if you live in trainers and you’re looking to change things up – these are the ones for you! (Plus they offer an extra bit of height!)

And finally we have the Jess black leather lace up boot (£249) which are super cool and which work with everything from jeans, to dresses (as styled here) and maxi skirts.

If you’re looking for style and comfort, Claire’s boots and trainers really are worth the investment. I’ve seen the love that she pours into her designs and the effort that she goes to to build great relationships with small factories in Portugal who make her boots and trainers from the finest leather. And for me, the innersoles in Claire’s footwear are just fabulous. Somehow they just seem to “re-set” my back.

Prepping and styling a photoshoot with Air & Grace was fabulous. Let me know what tempts you from their new season collection!

Beth x


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