Make packing a joy with “The Essential Strategic Packing” Guide!

The Essential, Strategic, Packing Guide

Hands up – who just LOVES to pack for holidays? (Is that a collective groan that I hear through the internet?) Hand up again – who always packs exactly the right things that they need when they go on holiday and who NEVER wishes that they’d taken something else with them instead of the pile of schizzle that they did, indeed, pack? Wait!!! You need my “Essential Strategic Packing Guide” – Yay!

I give you all the tips, tricks and organisational hacks that you need to make sure that you have exactly the right things with you when  you get to your destination. Outfits that you love, that work, that you can re-style and use at different times during the week. It’s all there for you.

The packing in our household goes something like this: I wash and iron the clothes. The children do their packing. I do mine and Mr G’s packing. Then JUST as we are leaving the house, Mr G says something like: “Have you remembered my budgie smugglers?” or “Did you pack my crocs?” (NO I DIDN’T!!)

Several years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I’d do her a quick email containing my packing tips. Then a few years later she mentioned how she had always kept it in the bottom of her suitcase, ready for her to refer to as she packed for her next holiday.

So I grabbed that email back from her quick smartish and turned it into the “Essential Strategic Packing Guide” which I thought you might like to print and keep in the bottom of your suitcase too. Just follow the link to sign up for it. I really hope that you find it helpful.

My top tip? Remember to pack your case so full that there’s no room for your hubbie’s crocs!

Click here to get the “Essential Strategic Packing Guide” (“ESP”)

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