My top 5 “can’t live without” summer make-up products

One of the things that I really love about the summer is having that healthy, glowing, look. Now whilst I am totally incapable of creating that on my own (hello very pale skin) there are some products in particular which I rely on, to help me to get the look that I love. So, let me introduce you to my top 5 “can’t live without” summer make-up products.

1. A fake tan

This is probably the most important of my top 5 “can’t live without” summer make-up products. It’s at number one for a reason!

There is absolutely no point in me trying to get a tan of my own, so I’m really happy to fake it! Lying for hours on end in the sun is just not my thing and even if I did, I still wouldn’t end up brown. So whilst having a fake tan, or applying a fake tan, isn’t my favourite thing to do, the results are so worth it. If I know that I’m going to be in a bikini, I tend to get it done professionally but if it’s more of the everyday shorts and a tee type scenario, I do it myself.

My most recent fake tan was the St Tropez express tan, which I had applied at a local beauty salon. It can be washed off after three hours but continues to develop over night, giving a lovely golden glow by the morning. I was instructed not to leave it on for more than the three hours stipulated but I’d probably leave it on for five hours next time, just to see if it went slightly darker. It has really good staying power – better than many others that I have tried. If you prefer to skip the salon and apply it yourself, it can also be bought at Boots.

Another of my favourite quick products to use is “Sublime Bronze” Golden Tanner by L’oreal which is available at AmazonThis is my “go to” during the summer months for a top up of golden glow. I always apply it using a mitt for a much more even finish and it too has great staying power. I used it all over when we went on holiday at Christmas and it gave a really lovely finish. So if I’m not organised enough to book at a salon, then this is my product of choice for an all over tan.

I’ve also heard great things about Vita Liberata particularly the body blur, but I haven’t tried it yet. Fake tan smells can sometimes trigger nsty headaches for me so I need to do a lot of sniffing of products before I venture into new “fake tan” territory!

2. Summer Goddess Shimmering Body oil by Tropics

This product really is summer in a bottle! Apply after a shower in the evening and it gives a lovely glow to your limbs. I could almost pretend that I’m Elle MacPherson when I’m wearing this but even my imagination isn’t quite that good.

Tropics is a great range of products that is has eco credentials and protection of the environment at the forefront of its mind. I’ve used their deodorant as well as their face oils and sun protection and the summer goddess shimmering body oil is definitely up there as one of my favourites.

3. Trinny bff cream spf 30

Trinny’s bff cream is brilliant. Or mine was, until I left it in Portugal. It comes in 4 different shades but it’s white in colour and it adjusts to the colour of your skin. It’s light but still offers coverage where you need it and with an spf of 30, it’s still protecting you in the evening sun.


4. A bronzer

I can already tell that I’m going to go beyond five products. Whoops! But I had to include a bronzer, just because they offer a lovely way to contour and add colour, if you still feel in need of a little more. My favourite one at the moment is Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder which I tried when I was invited along to Debenhams to have my make-up done there. It’s a good size so you can get a good sweep of the brush and it doesn’t just go on in one over bronzed looking blob! I always apply in a swirling motion across the top of my forehead, then down the temples and across my cheekbones.

5. A “shimmery” type product

I love a shimmery type product to use on the top of my cheekbones, on my brow bones and the top of my nose. Two of my favourites are the Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand and highlighter and Bobbi Brown Moon Glow which just continue the sun’s glow into the evening but in a subtle way!

6. A nude lipstick

When my skin is tanned and “glowy” I love to wear a nude lipstick. If I’m not tanned, I quite like a strong lip as it makes me look less anaemic but when my skin is given the extra help that it needs, then a nude lip can work fine. My most recent find was one that I bought on the way to Portugal last week and it’s called Uber Pink by Bobbi Brown. It’s the one that I’m wearing above, if you fancy a closer look.

So that’s it – my top five summer make-up products that I can’t live without, plus one (oh and a mascara too.) Which makes seven in total. Let’s call it artistic licence shall we? And here is everything in action, along with a beautiful dress that I was kindly lent by Katya Katya London which essentially was my dream dress for a gorgeous night out.

Do let me know if you have recommendations that you think could knock any of my top 5 “can’t live without” summer make up products off their spot and in the meantime, have a fab week. Beth x


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