5 summer outfits that don’t involve jeans!


5 summer outfits that don't involve jeans

Outfit 1 – A statement midi, blouse and ankle boots: when it’s warm enough to go bare legged but when you don’t want to show your feet or toes to the world, a mid skirt and ankle boots work really well.

Outfit: Skirt H&M (old); blouse Baukjen (current); boots JD Williams (old).

I know, because you tell me, that many of you don’t like wearing summer clothes. Not only does it involve bearing more than we might like to on occasion – or failing that sweating relentlessly – it also means throwing off our security blankets of layers. Add in the body maintenance that is required to avoid public outcry, plus how overwhelming the shops can be and it’s easy to see why people stick with their jeans and a trusty tee, even when temperatures dictate otherwise. So in this post, I wanted to share 5 summer outfits that don’t involve jeans.

5 summer outfits that don't involve jeans

Outfit 2: Wide legged trousers, fitted silk shirt and a blazer – linen is cool and airy whilst a fitted top keeps the proportions right. A blazer makes it a little smarter but lose it if you’re too warm! 

Outfit: Trousers H&M (old), shoes Boden (old); Blouse Mercy Delta (they have the BEST silk blouses); Blazer Baukjen

Outfit 3: The midi dress – these are always good for offering a little coverage and sleeves are often a welcome addition:

Outfit: Dress Topshop (last year); sequin espadrilles Tesco (I can thoroughly recommend these for comfort); bag Estee Rose London

Outfit 4: Shorts! Stay with me on this one! Wearing shorts which are looser around the legs and pairing them with a wedge heel, creates all sorts of optical illusions that work in our favour. The width of the shorts makes thighs look slimmer and the wedge elongates and slims the legs. 

Outfit: Shorts (H&M current season but unable to find!) shirt and shoes both F&F at Tesco


Outfit 5: Tulle! I know that you’ve seen this dress before but Tulle is much underrated as a cool fabric – it’s all those holes you know! And if you haven’t embraced it before, there’s a huge trend for tulle or net skirts in the summer.

Outfit: Dress on loan from Katya Katya London

But right now, I’m off to pack for a weekend away on the island of Herm. It’s a four day trip with the smallest bag known to man, so there will be very little by way of fancy outfits. And I fear that the weather means that jeans will feature! I hope that you enjoyed this post and that these 5 summer outfits that don’t involve jeans might give you a few ideas for when the weather truly is too warm for jeans.

Have a fabulous weekend! Beth x



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