5 things I wish that I had known when I was younger…


Hello everyone! It’s been a loooooong time and I’m so sorry to all of you who have been with me since the start of Style Guile for not dropping by sooner.

I consider myself to be in a very long term relationship with blogging but for a while my head was turned by the shiny new Instagram course that I was creating, and which I have written about on here previously.  Like a new baby, it sapped my time and my energy and I had to nurture it to get it up and running. Whilst I never lost my desire to write on here, it wasn’t possible to juggle all of the balls that I needed to keep in the air.  But now I feel that I can get back to you all – rejuvenated and with a spring in my step.

Something that I realised only just now, as I was brushing my teeth before bed, was that with the word “Style” in the title of the blog, I can really write about whatever you would like me to write about on here from style in its traditional, clothing type sense, to interior style, life style, parenting style and for today – “reflective style” – if that is such a thing.

I thought that a nice, gentle re-introduction for us all, would be to write about the 5 things that I wish I had known when I was younger So here goes…

  1. Don’t ever take the mick out of your parents for their funny ways and habits. One day you will become just like them

Take my Mum for example. When we were growing up, she didn’t like anything that was orange flavoured. Oranges themselves were OK, as was orange juice but orange jelly, orange fruit pastels, or opal fruits, or marmalade? Well they were all met with disgust. I used to laugh at her funny ways. And then, only last week, Mr G made a bread and butter pudding and what did he put in it? Orange. And guess what? I couldn’t eat it. I’ve also started to wash and iron clothes for a trip away NEXT WEEKEND. What has happened to me?! So yes, I shouldn’t have taken the mick out of my Mum because I have well and truly started turning into her.

2. I wish that I had appreciated what the saying “age is just a number” truly meant

Now that I am nearing 50, I understand what is meant when people say that “age is just a number.” Of course it’s just a number. That’s obvious. But when I think about how I perceived people of 50 when I was younger, I realise that I didn’t understand at all – not in the slightest. I didn’t understand that, although their hair may be greying and their face wrinkly, they felt just the same as they did when they were 18. I always thought that they recalled things in black and white hazy memories because their childhood had been so long ago.  I had no idea that they could still recall conversations, tastes, smells and experiences as if they were yesterday and that they could remember virtually every piece of clothing that they had ever owned (OK so maybe that’s just me!) I didn’t realise that they still had hopes, dreams and ambitions. So yes, I really wish that I had known all of that way back when.

3. I wish that I had known that by virtue of being young, I had everything going for me

And I don’t mean this in the sense that now that I am older my options are limited – far from it, I think that doors can truly open for us as we get older. But I do think that had we appreciated what would happen – largely to our bodies as we get older – we wouldn’t have spent so much time being critical of our appearances. That slightly dodgy haircut? Well at least our hair was still soft, shiny and its natural colour. Larger than ideal thighs? Yes but look how dimple free and toned they are. Boobs too big or too small? Yes but at least they’re in the right place. You get the idea. Whilst growing up can be hard, that perspective would have been useful.

4. I wish that I had known how to stand up for myself and how to call people out

This is something that I’m still not very good at but I’m trying to get better at it. I was listening to a podcast yesterday and someone said that angry women are often considered as hysterical, with the right course of action being to calm them down. Whereas an angry man is perfectly acceptable. I found that really interesting – because it’s true!

That man at work who sexually harassed me? (I was 22, he was old enough to know better) – he should have been reported and sacked. I hope that I’m teaching our girls to deal with people with love, compassion and kindness but equally, to stand up for themselves should the need arise.

5. However hard you try, you will always be on the search for the perfect hairstyle and the perfect dress

These are the two most elusive things in the world and you will never, actually find them. But boy you can have fun trying on all the different dresses and growing your hair until you remember why you don’t like it longer, then cutting it – only to grow it again. It is all part of life’s rich tapestry.

Tell me – what do you think to the five things that I wish that I had known when I was younger – and what do you wish that you had known when you were younger?!

Beth x








  1. Elaine C
    April 8, 2019 / 4:26 pm

    It’s Ok to fail – so say ‘Yes’ to as many opportunities and offers as you can in life
    You should give up spending your holiday lying on a beach for two weeks at 25. Go on adventure holidays and discover the joy of solo travel. It gives you a different perspective on the world and life
    Think about how tough things might be for your parents and fully understand the sacrifices they are making for you
    Over plucking your eyebrows is a disaster that you pay the price for the rest of your life.
    You are probably going to be at your happiest from around 40 onwards. So stay fit and healthy and enjoy the second and third acts of your life. They are the best.

    • bethgoodrham
      April 21, 2019 / 8:20 pm

      Hi Elaine – thank you for your comment. That’s a great perspective on life! Beth x

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