Don’t miss my upcoming Insta-lives and my top Insta-5s

Hello everyone, I so hope that you are having a great week and that you will come and join me on Wednesday 6th February at 8pm and 10pm for my insta-live(s).

Now if you’re on my email list already, I’m really sorry for the duplication as I know that you may have seen this content in an email that has pinged its way over to you. If you’re not on my email list, and if you would like to sign up to get all the lovely free content that I send through, you can sign up here  I also promise that usual blog posting service of all things fashion and style related, will be resumed soon!

So we’re nearly half way through the launch of Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s). The course registration will be available until Wednesday 13th February and once you have joined the course, you will have access to the materials forever.

Now you may be wondering about the course:

What is all this about.  Is it really for me and how can it help?

And that’s a great question to ask yourself. It’s super important to make sure that the course is right for you, before embarking on it.

And that’s where my Insta-Live(s) come in!

The thing is, because I’ve been living “in” the course for so long, I know exactly how it works. I’ve also outlined as much as I can in the Sales Page as well as answering FAQs. But here’s the deal: questions will arise that I may not have thought about, so for that very reason, I’m going to jump on Insta and run two Insta-Live(s) on WEDNESDAY 6TH FEBRUARY at 8pm and 10pm UK time, so that’s 3pm and 5pm Eastern Time in the USA.

I’m so excited to have this opportunity to spend some time with you. Not only will there be an opportunity for you to ask me questions about Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s) but I will also spend time teaching you my top INSTA-5, so the top five things that I wish that I had known about Instagram when I started out. I will also explain a little more about the course to you, my thinking behind it and how I think that it could work for you. How does that sound?

To come and find me, just head on over to my Instagram page bethgoodrham_stylist at 8pm or 10pm on Wednesday 6th and simply tap on my profile picture which will say “live” on it. If you have signed up already, or if you would like to sign up to my email list, you will get a reminder at 8pm and 10pm, just so that you don’t miss out.

I hope that you can come and join me for one of the insta-lives. Whether you’re interested in the course or not, there will be great take-aways for you and it’s always lovely to see a friendly face.

I really hope to see you there xxx


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