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” All the things that I wish that I had known when I started out on my Instagram journey, neatly packed into one invaluable course”


So far in this four part series we have looked at How to find your Insta-peace and uplevel your Insta- game. I then shared with you How I found my insta-peace following the strategies that I created and in my third post in the series, we looked at What’s stopping you from finding your Insta-peace and uplevelling your Insta-game? In this, the final post in this series, I’m going to wrap everything up for you and I’m going to introduce you to my brand new course:

Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s)

You may remember that back in my first post, I outlined a number of different steps that we could take to help us to find our insta-peace and to up-level our insta-game.

You see the thing is, we’re all in this together and that at some point, most of us will struggle with Instagram. On an emotional level, it can leave us feeling frustrated, disappointed, like a failure and as if we’re doing something wrong.

Moving on, what does being “authentic” even mean and how do we go about finding out what our “authentic self” actually is, given that we serve so many roles in life? And what boundaries do we need to put in place to help us to create a healthy relationship with Instagram? Oh and hello – is there actually anything more damaging to one’s self-esteem and creativity than making negative comparisons with others? I think not! 

For an App that is meant to be a fun past time, or a way to create business, that really is not a positive place from which to be operating. And don’t be fooled – no one is immune to these feelings, whether they have 100 followers, or 100,000 followers. You see, we are all human and the emotions which I’ve outlined above don’t go away simply because someone has the number 100k or 200k or 300k next to their name. In fact, these feelings can be intensified the more “successful” someone is perceived to be, because the pressure of maintaining, and growing, their following is greater, whilst engagement levels can drop. So actually being “micro” can sometimes be less stressful than being “macro”, even if it may not appear that way.

When it comes to strategy, there are so many places that we can look to up-level our insta-game but where should we start? With our photography, our captions, our bio or our grid?  Should we engage more and if so how do we go about doing so? What are the un-written rules of Instagram that everyone else seems to know and employ with great success?

All of this – the negative emotion and the not knowing where to start to improve things, can be hugely frustrating. I have identified with all of this in the past and to be honest, from time to time, the odd bit of doubt still creeps in. There are times when we can lose 25 followers in an hour (don’t worry, it’s probably the bots!) or there can be a post which receives shockingly low engagement, or there may be a snarky comment, or someone may be doing something that I would love to be part of but I’m not. But because I had a turning point, and because I put systems and strategies in place, it never bothers me for long. Oh and don’t forget the community – Insta friends are invaluable.

Now I know that some people reading this may well think that I have it sussed, or that it has been easy for me. They may think that Instagram isn’t for them, or that they couldn’t ever change the way that they respond to the app and that their photographs/captions/bio and ways of engaging are just fine. And you know, apart from the first two statements; they may well be right (please believe me when I say that I don’t have it sussed all of the time and in no way has it been easy!)

Just imagine if you could also engage with Instagram on your terms. Imagine how it would feel not to be frustrated or disappointed when you went on the app. Imagine if  you didn’t make negative comparisons, or beat yourself up because you weren’t growing as much as you thought that you could, or should.

Imagine if you improved your photography, if you found your own sense of style, if your captions received engagement and if your bio was bang on. Imagine not needing to moan to your friends or your husband/partner about how your engagement was low, how rubbish Instagram made you feel and just imagine if each time you scrolled through Instagram you did so on your terms, feeling nothing but happy when you saw others reaching their goals.

Sounds good huh?!

Well the turning point for you, just as it was for me, may be in the systems and strategies which I developed and followed and which may be found in my brand new course

“Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s)”

I will officially be releasing the course tomorrow, for 14 days only, and for the first two days of those fourteen days, there will be four additional bonuses which you will receive free of charge. You will also gain access to a private Facebook group where you can receive support from myself and the “Instagram with Intention” community.

The cost of the course is £147 and if you would like to be ahead of the game, just click of any of the Instagram with Intention (for the over 35s)  links which will take you through to the sales, page.  I would love to join you on your Instagram journey.

If you would like to be included in my email series about this course (and also find out more about my upcoming insta-lives), please click here to join my email list

Beth x



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