The ONE dress I can’t stop thinking about….

Occasionally it happens. I get a brain worm and it won’t go away. This particular brain worm has bumped the other post that I have prepared out of the way and is taking its place instead.

At the moment my brain worm (which is not a particularly sophisticated phrase, I admit) comes in the form of the Luna midi dress from Baukjen (£189)

Is it all right if I share with you why I like it and why I think that you might too? Go, on let me!

Well let’s start by looking at the little frilly collar and the slightly frilled sleeves. A pie crust collar is a great nod to Victoriana but the way that it is teamed with a star print brings it right up to date. Which leads me nicely on to the star print. If you love a star print, you will probably always love  start print, making the dress a great investment. But can we just pop back to the collar for a second? It’s a really flattering neckline. Just open a few buttons if you have a curvier bust (or a slightly wrinkly neck 🙂 )or keep it done up for a stronger nod to the Victorian trend.

Now let’s look at the waist. The dress has a drawstring waist which is great because it’s never to be too tight. Who else hates a tight waist on a dress? And if necessary it can be let out gently during the course of the day.

And now let’s come to the length. This length is an absolute winner – it finishes as such a flattering point on the leg, allowing a slight leg flash above an ankle boot but not so much that untanned legs need to be dealt with in great detail.

So now let’s talk about styling the dress. Putting your best foot forward, do you fancy a heel (block, stiletto or kitten) or a trainer? Or how about a boot? Bright, slouchy, ankle or 70s style?

Accessories wise, you may not need too much. Earrings could be a good one. Big or small will do. Tassels, studs, neons or pearls are your friends. Crazy and wild, or sophisticated and safe – earrings are something to have fun with.

Now let’s talk coats! How about a cropped faux fur coat, or a blazer for those days when it’s not too cold? A leather jacket would also work or I love the idea of a cropped swing coat. Oooh yes, that sounds good. But to be honest, it really is all about the dress so if you don’t have an obvious coat choice in your wardrobe, just wear what you have and when you get to your destination, cast your coat aside and let the dress do the talking.

And where to wear it? Well where not to wear it? Is anyone else thinking of their Christmas day dress already? No, me neither – well not until I saw this dress anyway. Out to dinner (hello drawstring waist), to the cinema, theatre, ballet or carol concert – this dress would be perfect. Birthday night out anyone? Work event or just for everyday?

If anyone is tempted, I’d love to hear what you think and to see your photos – just whizz them over to me on Instagram via a DM at bethgoodrham_stylist  or email them to me at

Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back soon (I promise) with the post that this one bumped. I feel sooo bad for not posting more often on here, especially as I know that many of you have been reading for years but if you want to see what else I am up to, please just hop on over to the ‘gram.



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