My top five sequin skirts for the winter (and summer)

OK lovely readers, so today is not my day. This is the third time that I have drafted this post so it will now be much briefer than it was going to be.

Let’s whizz through our options for one of the most useful pieces in your wardrobe in the run up to Christmas – a statement, sequin or sparkly skirt. But they’re not just for Christmas – we all know that! And don’t forget to think outside the box on how to style them.

As well as the obvious heels and silky blouse type options, look to chunky knits, biker jackets, biker boots, skinny roll necks, denim shirts and slogan tees, so that your statement skirt works as hard for you in the daytime as it does in the evening and as hard for you in the summer as it does in the winter.

So here goes with my top five options:

The short skirt…

Floral print sequin skirt Zara (£25.99)

Midis and maxis have dominated the high street recently, so it’s nice to see a shorter option. Just be wary of the black (nylon menace) tights that we need to wear with them. There are some decent options out there (somewhere!)

The feminine option…

top 5 sequin skirts needle and thread

Kaleidoscope skirt Needle & Thread (£225)

This skirt is just so pretty. Needle & Thread have some amazing pieces so do check them out. I’d love to wear this skirt with a biker jacket and these heels. It’s such a fab look. And if I was after a pretty dress for an upcoming event, off to Needle & Thread I would head.

The pencil skirt…

sequin skirt - M&S

Sequin pencil skirt Marks & Spencer (£60)

I kind of think that if you’re going to go with sequins, you may as well go with gold ones. In for a penny and in for a pound and all that. This gold skirt from M&S will look stunning with black, navy, or burgundy. And being a pencil style, it will be current for ever! Plus you know the slouch boots that I was talking about in my last post? I’d definitely give them a try with this skirt.

The pleated skirt…

top 5 sequin skirts M&S

Pleated sparkly skirt Marks & Spencer (£45)

A pleated skirt is such an accessible way to wear sparkle or sequins, especially if they feel a little bit too “dressy” for a daytime look. Worn here with trainers and a simple knit, it just becomes super wearable for pretty much anything that you’re up to.

The patterned option…and the midi option (rolled into one)

top 5 sequin skirts - Zara

Midi skirt Zara (£29.99)

Now this is probably the most challenging of all of the options in some way because not only is it very full on sequinned, it is also printed. Excellent. So just for fun, why not pair it with more sequins as in the outfit above. Or just a plain jumper perhaps?! This is also nailing the midi length too – so perhaps, for some, that makes it more accessible than it might otherwise have been.

I so hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and that you can see yourself shimmying and shimmering, sparking and sequinning your way through the winter months in one of these options.

Until next time. xx



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