My FAVOURITE boot style of the season…

slouch boots

It seems that for the last few years, the boot scene has been dominated by biker, ankle, kitten heeled or 1970’s styles. Well that is unless I’ve been walking around with my eyes shut – which is quite possible.

I’ve recently noticed a move towards ruched, or slouched, boots though. It’s not they’re new – most things that become popular have been around before, or are inspired by something that we’ve seen before – it’s just the way that fashion ebbs and flows. And the ruched, or slouched, boots seem to be flowing!

I’ve featured three of my favourite styles below, just to give you a flavour of what I mean – but there are many similar styles out and about, if you do fancy trying them.

slouch boot

Harley slouch boot Mint Velvet (£169) and they also come in black and taupe

These Mint Velvet boots are all kinds of fabulous! They are a great height both in terms of where they finish on the leg, and their heel height. And I love the way that they are paired with a satin skirt. In fact one of my next posts is all about statement skirts – so do keep your eyes open.

I know that suede isn’t for everyone and I must admit to finding suede heels damage easily. But to be honest these are probably more city, than country, boots in any event – so I guess you’re unlikely to be wading through muddy fields in them. Watch the cobbles though.

True, they may require a little maintenance in the leg department but it’s all in the interests of wearing new boots – which of course makes it perfectly OK.

slouch boot

Shelby slouch boot Hush (£259)

This Hush style comes higher on the leg and being made of leather, they are probably slightly harder wearing.

What I’ve found with this style boot is that they add longevity to summer dresses as they are just that little bit warmer on the leg. So really they are a fabulous investment as clothes that would otherwise be heading off towards the attic, are in fact still being worn. ( I sometimes amaze myself with my mental gymnastics when it comes to clothes, whereas at other times it completely evades me.)

I haven’t yet tried mine with skinny jeans but I think that’s my next plan. I haven’t worn jeans inside boots in a really, really, long time – so I’ll have to see if I can actually come to terms with that look or whether I take one look in the mirror and go to myself “you look an absolute idiot. Abandon that ridiculous plan now!”

slouch bootSplit suede slouch boot Zara (£79.99)

And then we have this style from Zara, which are the ones that I’m wearing above. I basically pinched the idea from a friend who had some similar. The colour is nice for a change from black or grey, plus they work really well with the H&M William Morris dress. And as is often the way with Zara, the price point is good – so they are a great way to test out a new (but old) trend.

So that’s a quick run through my favourite boot style of the season, together with three examples. I’m really looking forward to having fun with these and I hope that you can (maybe) see yourself in them too (if you like them!) There’s nothing like a new pair of boots for a quick wardrobe update.

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