Instagram Stories – A Super Quick and Easy Guide

Lots of you will know that as well as blogging, styling and working on QVC, I can often be found hanging around on Instagram and Instagram Stories.

Recently I’ve had lots of messages from people asking me about Instagram stories and whilst I can’t pretend for a minute to be up to speed with all the latest functionality on stories (it changes almost daily) I do have a fairly decent understanding of the basics.

So I have created a guide for you which covers everything from how to create live video stories through the app itself, to how to upload a video story from your camera roll, to how to create a story from a photograph, how to add a filter and how to add text, stickers and links. So if you’re struggling with stories, hopefully you will find this super helpful. Most importantly, I’ll also tell you how to delete what you may post in error – oh yes, we’ve all done it (and some of us still do!)

All you need to do is to click HERE, enter your email address and an email will then ping into your inbox containing the guide.

I really hope that it helps you to move your story game forward! I’d love to know what you think!

Lots of love, Beth x


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