5 ways to wear the A/W colours that are going to spice up your life!

Each season there are dominant colours, or a dominant colour palette, on the High Street. This season it’s all about the colours on your spice rack – paprika, saffron, turmeric, sumac, cinnamon, mustard, tobacco (OK, so that’s probably not on your spice rack but you know what I mean!)

These colours are beautifully warm and autumnal but I know that many shy away from them. Myself included. Whilst the palette works for my colouring, they’re not colours to which I’m immediately drawn – which is exactly why we should take a look at them.

Whilst I’m not suggesting that anyone should be a slave to fashion, it can be good to step a little outside of our comfort zone. So what are the five best ways to include these colours into your A/W wardrobe, whilst still feeling “true” to yourself?

1 Wear the colour in a shoe

Shoes can be a great way of introducing a new colour into your wardrobe without feeling that you’ve taken on someone else’s persona. As they are on the periphery of your outfit, they don’t feel overwhelming and all encompassing.

Mules with bow details Zara (£29.99)

These are still hugely wearable with denim, navy, grey and black as well as whites and neutrals – so if that is your usual colour palette, these will do a great job of pepping things up a little.

2 Wear the colour in a coat

I know that some of you may find that this is a slightly odd approach but I find that coats are a great way to incorporate different colours into your wardrobe. There are some great priced coats this season and because you’re dipping in and out of the item throughout the day, rather than wearing it all day long, again it feels less overwhelming.

Now it’s true that it’s a block colour, so arguably it’s not terribly demure in its presence but by the time you’ve paired it with your favourite scarf, gloves and cross body bag, it can be quite broken up. Also, because you have your usual clothes between yourself and the coat, it somehow feels a little less scary and easier to embrace.

5 ways to wear the spice colours of the season

Faux fur longline coat in rust (it also comes in mustard) New Look (£39.99)

3 Wear the colour in something that you know that you love

I’m thinking stripes here – or spots. Something that is so part of you and so part of what you love, that it doesn’t matter what colour the piece is – it just feels right.

5 ways to wear this season's spice colours

Long sleeved Breton in mustard Boden (£28)

4 Wear the colour on the part of your body with which you’re most happy

So for example if you love your legs, wear trousers in a colour of the season. Alternatively if you feel happier drawing attention to your top half, that’s where you should place the colour.

5 ways to wear this season's spice colours

Double breasted corduroy blazer in dark orange Zara (£79.99)

Now, whilst I would be the first to admit that brown cord could leave any of us who grew up in the 70s cringing in our seats, cord is making a come back. Hello Mr History teacher there in the corner. Having said that, it’s all about how we style things and how we put a modern spin on pieces that we have seen before. A high/low combo is always a failsafe option.

Whilst neatly side stepping the cropped top that accompanies this skirt, for anyone who feels happier drawing attention to their bottom half, this skirt is a lovely option. It contains different shades of spice colours and I love that it’s a knitted piece – they are a big story this season too.  The metallic thread which is shot through it also just elevates it a little.

5 ways to wear this seasons spice colours

Metallic thread skirt Zara (£29.99)

5 If all else fails, opt for an accessory of the season

Again this depends on your likes but it could be a pair of tasselled earrings, a bag, a scarf or a pair of gloves. A nod to the colour palette of the season in an accessory is a great way of bringing your wardrobe bang up to date without investing a lot of money.

Earrings with beads H&M (£8.99)

I particularly like these because we all tend to have quite a lot of grey in our wardrobe but these add just the faintest nod to the spice colours of the season.

Well I feel a little better for that! I don’t know about you but I feel that I may now be able to face dipping my toe (or fork) into the spice rack of colours that we’re seeing in the shops at the moment, whilst having a vague idea of how to do so.


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