My top 5 summer dresses from Topshop, for any occasion

Topshop dresses top 5

Seersucker stripe midi dress Topshop (£45)

The one thing that I’m always on the search for is the perfect summer dress. Clearly I’m not very good at it or else the eternal search would finish – but no, it goes on, year after year. Perhaps it’s just that the goal posts shift each year but whatever it is – I’m not complaining. I love looking for great dresses. For anyone in the same boat as me year after year, in this post I’m looking at my top 5 summer dresses from Topshop.

Before we go much further though, can I just say that under no circumstances would I ever recommend this dress, if you’re travelling by air. You see those metal discs on the straps? Oh hello all manner of beeping alarms, scanning machines and full body searches.

“I suppose it’s those metal bits on your dress that are causing the problems and you can’t really take your dress off can you?” said the security official.

“No, too flipping right, I can’t” thought I. Although all I actually did in response was smile sweetly, for fear of ruining our brief trip away before it had even started.

And year after year, Topshop delivers. I know that I’ve said this time and again in response to people who feel that after a certain age they should no longer shop there – we were there first! I think the fact that the midi length is “on trend” (for want of a better phrase) means that there are plenty of dresses at an accessible length, in Topshop. If it was all about the mini then maybe I would buy fewer dresses from there but the jeans, shoes, tops and coats are fab too.

So the seersucker stripe midi dress is a firm favourite – airport trips aside. And what I really like is that it can be worn back to front, depending on the state of your legs (I’m thinking tan/waxing/moisturising issues here) so the choice is yours as to whether to have the split at the front or the back.  It also comes in a petite length, which gets the thumbs up from me.

Top 5 summer dresses from Tophop

The plunge midi dress (£75) is one that I’ve very much fallen for. There’s just something about a white dress with embroidery on it that gets me every time. True, the plunge is interestingly low and at £75 it’s more than just a throw on over your cozzie type dress but I’ve got one on its way and I’ll be interested to see how it sits. I’m thinking that a white lacy bralet may add a little coverage where it’s needed most.

Topshop 5 summer dresses

I’ve seen this Spot plisse dress £34 on quite a few Instagram ladies now, as well as on one of my closest friends, and it’s an absolute winner. The length is great, the lace detail offers a hint of something without total exposure and the slim, but not skinny, fit is great. It’s super flattering and easy to wear. I suspect that one of these is winging its way to France with my friend as I type and I’m sure that it will deliver for her whilst she’s away.


Now, this pleated midi dress (£56) could be styled for a wedding, dressed up for a night out or made a little edgier with the right accessories. For those without much of a bust, it has a frill in exactly the right place and if a bra is necessary then at least they still stay around your rib cage – as opposed to the strapless ones of old which would slip down to your middle.

Topshop 5 summer dresses

I just love this diagonal stripe midi dress (£49) for its super cool aesthetic. It’s bold and striking with lots of interesting details in the sleeves, the wrap element and the side splits. What I love about this dress is that it looks super expensive and because of its styling people would expect it to be – but it’s really not too bad price wise for a hard working summer dress. The way that the stripes are cut and positioned also makes it much more accessible than a “traditional” horizontal striped dress.


And finally, the sleeveless broderie midi dress  (£49) is a really simple and elegant black number. Personally I find black much easier to wear in the summer than in the winter. With a bit of a tan (either fake or real) and some gold jewellery, it can look super chic in a way that Italian or French women do.

To say that they’re all from one shop, for me they cover all bases. From beach to bar, to wedding or work I hope that you like my top 5 summer dresses from Topshop. Hopefully there’s a gem for most people. BUT if you feel that none of these floats your boat, then let me know and we’ll go for round 2!

Have a fab weekend.







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