Asquith: Lounging around in the most comfortable and stylish yoga clothing

Who doesn’t love wearing yoga clothing? The softness, the ease of movement but most of all the lack of a need to zip, button or squeeze yourself into anything. Yep, it gets my vote every time.

Many of you will know of Asquith as I’ve written about them before here where, in particular, I featured their amazing jumpsuit. But if you’ve not heard of them, Asquith makes eco-friendly activewear, including pilates and yoga clothing, from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo.

As well as wearing Asquith for actual, proper, yoga and pilates activities, it is equally fabulous for when you prefer an “atheleisure” look as opposed to an “athletic” look. It is stylish, comfortable and lacking in logos or shiny nylon – which, growing up in the 80s, is something that I’m really very happy to avoid. Being such a fan of comfortable clothing, I love wearing yoga clothing for working, going on the school run, for a night out (with tweaks!) for travelling in – well for pretty much any scenario really.

Do you think that this is what is meant by the term “loungewear” or have I put too literal an interpretation on it?! In all of these shots I’m wearing the open back T in pebble (£55) and the heavenly harem pants in ocean (£65) (I’ve linked to the charcoal marl harem pants, as Ocean are currently unavailable) Both of these pieces were perfect after a day in the sun, and prior to getting changed for dinner, whilst we were in Cornwall last weekend.  The composition of both pieces is 95% bamboo and 5% elastane, making them super cooling and comfortable.

Asquith London yoga clothes

Although I do some yoga, I can’t pretend that I am a “yogi”. What I’ve found though is that wearing yoga clothes, but in a non-yoga setting, makes me much more likely to sit, and move, better.  It’s probably something to do with the ease with which I can move. I have also been known to throw in the odd yoga pose, which can never be a bad thing. It’s a bit like when I wear running gear –  I’m more likely to actually go out for a run than when I don’t.

For those who haven’t tried wearing clothing which is made from bamboo, I really recommend it. If I’m honest, when I was first in discussions with Asquith just after Christmas, I couldn’t quite get my head around the idea of bamboo yoga pants – or of any clothing made from bamboo to be honest. I just thought that it was tall, hard stuff, that pandas ate. But it’s so soft, really stretchy, very cooling and almost like wearing a second skin.

This is the yoga jumpsuit (currently sold out) which I featured here. I’ve had several jumpsuits over the years but this one is an absolute joy to wear. There’s something about the fit around the tummy and bottom (two potentially VERY tricky areas in a jumpsuit) which is really flattering and which means that you don’t have to walk around holding your tummy in, whilst shimmying along a wall with your bottom against it, so that no-one can see your bum.

I’ve worn this jumpsuit as a great travel outfit and the whole “all in one” thing really wasn’t a problem in an aeroplane loo!

For the purposes of this post, I wanted to style the jumpsuit for an evening out. I love a PJ top style shirt and this one from GAP, along with a pair of heels, gave the jumpsuit a completely different feel from how I’ve styled it previously.

And then for the full on yoga clothing outfit –  how about a bit of Yoga with Davina herself?

Here I’m wearing the Karma Capri in ocean/seafoam (£52), which have a composition of 60% bamboo, 30% cotton and 10% elastane, making them super stretchy and perfect as yoga pants. Underneath my white top, I’m also wearing the balance bra top (£45) in sea foam (but I’ve linked to the Yves Klein blue, as the sea foam is currently unavailable). This yoga bra top also has the same composition as the yoga pants and I must admit that the foam pads (which can be removed) are a handy little addition.

Having had this little “yoga off” with Davina I was particularly hot and sweaty so off came the white top and Nikki from Forty not Frumpy was the lucky recipient of my sweaty back!

I love that each piece from Asquith has been designed with functionality in mind so that you can literally go from a yoga class and then carry on the rest of your day looking stylish and feeling confident. You can discover more about Asquith’s bamboo yoga pants and the rest of their yoga and pilates clothing, here

*This post was written in conjunction with Asquith, for which I received payment along with a gift of the yoga clothes that I have featured (and which I am currently wearing!)



































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