The 10 Bobbi Brown #CantLiveWithout make up products

From haircare in my last post, to make-up in this one. I know that I’ve had a little foray away from fashion but don’t worry, we’ll be heading back there soon.

When you talk to me about make-up, you’re talking to a make-up imbecile. I seriously have about 6 products in my make up bag (foundation, blusher, nude eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.) And more often than not, the eyeshadow doesn’t even get a look in.

From time to time I try and overhaul my make up bag but my good intentions rarely last long. It’s a bit like buying a new cookery book and hoping that you’re going to turn into Jamie Oliver, with your usual regular family meal offerings being revolutionised into something spectacular. Nope. Not so much.

So when I was invited to an event to try the Bobbi Brown 10 #CantLiveWithout make-up products I was like “Hell to the yes, I am going to go!” And whilst they may well have wished that I hadn’t (see my reference to being an imbecile above), I had a ball.

Bobbi Brown make up lesson

Over the years, I have tried lots of Bobbi Brown products and I’ve always loved them. In the past I’ve had their moisturiser, their foundation sticks and I’ve had several shimmer bricks, which I’ve used as eyeshadows and blusher/highlighter (badly, I fear!) Their pot rouge (above) are my go to blusher and I love their bright pink lipsticks – my current favourite is Neon Pink. Oh and I’ve even had a foray into their cream shadow sticks, which are awesome – plus the one and only brush that I have which is of any quality, is from Bobbi Brown. If I have any kind of brand loyalty when it comes to make-up, I would say that it’s with Bobbi Brown but as with my clothes and skincare (but no longer my haircare!) if I’m honest, I’m a bit of a tart!

The event involved sitting at a make up station and watching Zara, one of only 6 Bobbi Brown international make-up artists, work her make-up magic on Beth, who works in PR at Bobbi Brown. Step by step we followed her guidance as to how to apply the Bobbi Brown 10 #CantLiveWithout make-up products.

Bobbi Brown Can't Live Without

The 10 #CantLiveWithout products were launched in March and since then, Beth and Zara have been touring the UK putting on events, showing numpties like me how to do it properly. There is something slightly mesmerising in watching a make-up artist at work. I think it’s the way that they apply the products with such skill, whilst making it look so easy.

From time to time Zara would say things like “So you know when you apply concealer, it can drag on the skin a little.” Err, no. I don’t use concealer. Or “So when you’ve used an eyebrow pencil before, you may have done X whereas it’s better to do Y”. Err, no, I didn’t know that either. And as for “montouring” (modern contouring) well, Kim Kardashian, I am most certainly not. (But then again we all grew up in the 80s wanting small bums – not big ones, so I suppose that goes without saying. I was just imagining, what do you think will happen to those butt cheeks when they’re 47 years old?)

Did you know that you’re not meant to put foundation on your eyelids? No, me neither? Or that if you are going to contour, you should put the product on your cheekbones as otherwise, by the time you’ve blended it, it ends up too far down your face. I think that where I’ve largely failed is in seeing the need for concealers, correctors and generally in knowing how to apply the products correctly. I guess that it comes down to a question of time in the main but I think that perhaps needs to change.

Oh my golly there was so much that I learned from Zara, who was herself a picture of glowing beauty. Literally. And she managed to create the look with shimmer bricks – which I do have – but never have I managed to create that look!

Bobbi Brown Event

The thing that I love about Bobbi Brown, and that I have done so for years, is that their products aren’t scary. If ever I’m working with a client and as part of her day with me she would like some make-up advice, Bobbi Brown is where I take her. I’ve also had Bobbi Brown make-up artists do the make up for the models at many events that  I have run over the years. And best of all, they do some fabulous complimentary services which I’ve detailed below, so if you think that your technique could do with an overhaul, this is a great place to start.

Bobbi Brown also offer a “Brow How” service which is £17 and which is redeemable against product, as well as the “Party Ready How To” which is £30 and which is also redeemable against product.

So what did I learn? First, that it’s never too late to start trying to get a handle on your make-up. Secondly, it’s really not that scary and nothing to be afraid of (maybe I’m just talking about my own fears here!) and thirdly, that Bobbi Brown have done all the hard work in streamlining the process for us in identifying the ten #CantLiveWithout products. Equally if it’s only a few of those products that you need, rather than the entire range, the girls on the Bobbi Brown counter are always really approachable and happy to help.

As part of the experience, we were gifted the 10 #CantLiveWithoutProducts that we used. I’m going to wait until I’ve received my full set before I start using them but I thought that it was only fair that you all knew that.

I’ve loved writing this post and it’s always nice to feel that you’re making progress and learning new things in areas where you feel totally incompetent. If I can do it, anyone can!

See you again soon! Beth x



  1. June 28, 2018 / 7:27 pm

    I love Bobbi Brown, and have quite a few things in my make up bag. I’ve had a few consultations and makeovers at the counters and they’re a great way to try new colours etc. Also a nice treat when I go to London! The vitamin face base is just lovely. The palettes are great too, just pop in whichever eyeshadow or blusher you want to take with you. X

    • bethgoodrham
      July 4, 2018 / 12:14 pm

      Hi Kathy – lovely to hear from you. Isn’t your part of the world beautiful at the moment?!You’re so right – Bobbi Brown products are just lovely aren’t they. Great colours, a lovely treat and non scary too. I’m really looking forward to getting cracking with all of my products. Enjoy the sunshine! Beth x

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