5 “cool” alternatives to shorts or chinos when the weather gets hot!

So hello again! I’m sorry it’s been a while but I’m making some big changes in my business which has resulted in me being able to blog less. Hopefully these changes will ultimately mean that I’m able to blog more though, which is very exciting.

Wasn’t the Royal Wedding amazing? I loved every minute of it from the guests’ outfits, to the wedding dress, the ceremony and the beautiful photograph that the Royal couple released of them sitting on the steps. The photographs of the “second” dress and seeing Meghan and Harry driving off in the E type Jag was like something out of a Hollywood film. Just what we needed! And our street party afterwards was fab 🙂

So anyway, when the weather warms up, that there’s eternal dilemma of what to wear. Jeans are too hot, shorts can be too scary (pasty legs, veins, cellulite – oh the glamour), chinos are OK but they can require a bit of work to style them out of the everyday, A-line skirts are a bit blah so what are the alternatives when it’s boiling but we don’t want to be too exposed? In this post I’m bring you five alternatives (plus a Brucie bonus). These are separates, rather than dresses and I haven’t included pleated skirts as I’ve previously written a post on them here

Number 1 – The maxi skirt

Great for covering up a multitude of sins, a maxi is really one of the easiest pieces to wear when the weather warms up. This one was from ASOS last year but you can find similar here The trick with a maxi is to have one that is quite flat underneath the waist band (rather than one which is heavily gathered/pleated) but which then flares out. Otherwise, there can just be too much fabric.

Number 2 – Cropped “paper bag” style trousers

OK so I know that these won’t be for everyone but they are my current favourites. I like where they finish on my leg, I like the width of the trousers (they don’t taper like some), I like the fabric and also the fact that they are just a little different. They also work well with flats. These were from Topshop (£36). They do require a shorter, or tucked in top, though or else the shape of them is lost completely. This lovely round bag was a gift from Celtic & Co.

Number 3 – The midi skirt (with a bit of flash!)

As an alternative to a maxi skirt, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – there’s a midi skirt. Some people just feel too dressed up in a maxi but a midi they feel is less dressy and perhaps slightly more work appropriate. They are also less of a tripping hazard (yep, I’ve been there)!

There are also a lot of midis which have splits in them so for those who don’t want to wear shorts, but who don’t mind flashing a bit of leg, these can be the perfect solution. This one, I have to say, was a real “buy from the heart piece” and one which I need to wear at least every other day to bring the cost per wear down. But I loved the print and it makes me so happy when I wear it. This is the Georgia skirt in “bright brush print” by Rixo London and I bought it from The Dressing Room which is a fabulous boutique in St Albans.

Number 4 -Cropped wide leg jeans

Even if you’re on the petite side, don’t be put off by cropped trousers. They can be hugely flattering, especially if they finish just at your ankle bone. And in fact I think that they work better with petite proportions than full length trousers. Again these were from Topshop and they were £36. The shots on the site don’t look anything like they do in real life – at least colour wise. And these babies come up SMALL so I had to size up. Again, they are fine with flats. As an alternative to a wide legged cropped jean, there’s also a cropped flare style which may suit some people better. I love the Hoxton crop flare from Jigsaw (£90)

The shirt that I am wearing is by one of my favourite brands, Mercy Delta. Having discovered them in a boutique in Guernsey last year, I am now lucky enough to be gifted pieces by them and this is the sleeveless Hampton lioness blouse (£150). The flowers were also a gift from Peony Faux Flowers. I met Julie, who run Peony, at QVC on International Women’s Day and we’ve kept in touch ever since.

Number 5 – Culottes

Now Jigsaw call these their drape gathered trouser, which there’s no doubt they are – but I just call them culottes. These would be so fab for travelling in, for wearing out and about on holiday either dressed down for the daytime or dressed up for the evening. Floaty, cool, with an elasticated waist – oh the utter joy! They come in a variety of colours -sadly this colour is limited in sizes but the shot was great, so I wanted to use it. Sorry 🙁

Number 6 – Your added Brucie Bonus; a tulle skirt

Well, why not?!

I wore this skirt as part of a campaign that I did with an underwear brand called Become, whose brand Ambassador is Andrea McLean. Become makes a range of underwear for women who are going through the menopause (or who are peri-menopausal).  The fabric acts like a much more high tech version of sweat wicking fabrics in sportswear, so it takes away the moisture produced during a hot flush, cooling you down.

I have to say that I loved wearing a huge tulle skirt. I think that we should all do it at some point! This one was from ASOS (£50).

I hope that you are enjoying the warm weather and this has given you some ideas of separates to wear that will add an element of style to your wardrobe, without compromising on comfort or meaning that you have to bare all to the world! Have a super week! Beth x






  1. Mary&Mungo
    May 23, 2018 / 11:00 am

    Hi there. Great ideas. Could you advise what height you are to give me an idea of length of the skirts? Many thanks

    • bethgoodrham
      May 26, 2018 / 2:11 pm

      Hi! I’m 5 ft 6″ so hope that helps. I find that lots of the skirts are really long now – so some heeled wedges are always a good addition!

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